Jhon's Birthday!

Jhon's birthday was on the 29th October and ever since i have known him, i always try my best to have him celebrate his birthday in the most special and memorable way since he is far away from home and im the only one he's got in Singapore.

This year, i am taking him to an actual Helipad thanks to my ex-sec sch mate, Budiyan. How cool is that? The Helipad at Swissotel only opens on every Thursday of the end of the month and for exclusive invites only.

But before that, we went to Swensons at Bugis to have a quick dinner.

Jhon's Spaghetti

My Beef Baked Rice

The birthday boy. See "ecstatic" he is. hahaha

Then off to Raffles while we wait for Budiyan and damn, i forgot to take picture with him. One on one reunion mah!! I don't know when will we ever meet up again. haha Anyways, met up with his mates and best fren and off we went to..

We went up and up and up to the 71st floor and i think my ears popped in the lift. =P and we climbed a few more steps to the 73rd floor to see a really nice view of Singapore's Night life.

It was windy but not cold at all and the air.... My God... the air!!! its so clean!! I love it!!

[insert anti-smoking campaign here]

The atmosphere was so romantic and it was those rare moments where i get a bit mushy with him hahaha kissy poo and hugging since everyone is busy socializing anyways.

I even asked Jhon if i can pretend to be drunk and get all slutty with him since that's what ussually happens at night clubs but he said its way too early to get "drunk".. so boring! =(

A couple of girls took a polaroid shots of us. Plastic cover included! Can insert EZ-link card! haha kidding
Picture distorted here...  because the cover was matt but i love the pic.

and here is the final picture at the lobby haha

nice huh? we later went somewhere else for a more private scene at 10pm since the helipad closes at 9.30pm and we are not drinkers anyways.

Thanks Iyan!! It meant ALOT TO US!

and Happy Birthday to my dearest love! Hope you had a memorable night. Now i have to think of another to top that next year. hhaha

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