A Wedding, A Movie and A Bruise

Went to Hidayah's wedding today who happens to be my ex-pri-sec-ite mate so imagine how big of a reunion it was.

I look old here... why? =(

They have a caricature of themselves at the guestbook table and i asked Jhon to do the writing because he has better handwriting than me. =P i simply order lovingly tell him where and what to write.


For her first outfit, she donned the traditional Javanese costume and her second would be the Hindi costume. [i didnt stay over till late so i saw it via our people's picture]

Wedding Cupcake; still the 'in thing' for the convinience of giving it away to guests.

The obligatory picture with the bride; must have evidence we came!! =P

With the hubby

Fizah, Serina and [omg! i forgot her name]. Secondary school mates

More secondary school mates

The ever so sweet Wati with akward posing me -_-

Saw bunch of primary school mates too but didnt approach them [they also didnt approach me mah!] but i did acknowledged most of them with an enthusiastic wave.

Me with hot and cranky Jhon.

When the bride and groom was heading to the groom's side, Jhon and I left while the rest followed the couple. He was just too hot, cranky and bored at the wedding but the minute we left, he was so happy.

We went to Century Square to catch Paranormal Activity which totally sucked anyways. It was expected because a movie with so much hype and adverts, is not that great. Thats why it needs to be hyped up right? But they still got the last laugh because they made millions by now and are laughing to the bank.

But seriously, for a scardey cat like me, the movie is not THAT scary. I recommend all to just rent/borrow the DVD and fast forward to the last 10 minutes of the movie because thats the only part that is truly exciting.

After the movie, did abit of a walk-around and went to my house for a quick dinner.

While cooking, Jhon gave me a massive shock that with my awesome reflexes, shouted "OH MAK LU KULOP!", turned around and hit him in the chest in 2 seconds. His response was blocking my hit but his watch hit my wrist.


So dramatic.. and see what i got!

Even the pillow is laughing at me...

What if i was holding a knife? I could've killed him!!


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