Spare them a piece of a paper heart

Just one word and everyone will conjure up all kinds of excuses like:
  • Having no money or saying that they too are poor and need money too [forgetting that they at least have a roof over their heads and complete functional body for work & pleasure]

  • They are too busy to spend hours of voluntary work and their time is precious.

  • Giving blood is so scary and afraid that they will have lesser blood than normal but little did they know that every day, new blood cells are formed in their body.
 But SingTel is just asking you for a few minutes of your time to fold a piece of paper provided in Today newspaper into a heart shape origami and post it in the mailbox. You don’t even have to pay a single cent and every heart, SingTel donates $1 to under privileged youths.

It’s easy. No money involved and does not need hours of your precious time [unless you are really that stupid to not know how to fold a paper heart origami even with instructions].

$1 is a lot over a large number.

Come on, for once, don’t be selfish and no more excuses. Fold for a cause. =)
Btw, if you are feeling extra charitable, you can donate $5 either by calling/sms

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