Scrapbooking For A 3 Year Old Is Hard

One of my little nephews, Shibly who had started schooling at Al-Iman was assigned to contribute 2 pages for their class scrapbooking.

Their theme was activity with Reno Rabbit which is a stuffed doll.

It is just one of the activities he has to do and his parents were scratching their heads because 1) they are too busy with work to think 2) They couldn’t think of any ideas for the scrapbook.

That is where Jhon and I came in. After being complimented for being creative and crafty, we can’t help it but lend a hand. I am usually the one with the ideas and Jhon is the artist because he is obviously better at drawing than me.

My bro and kak yana has already printed out the photos of Shibly’s outing with Reno Rabbit and even bought high end scrapbooking materials. Hahaha Bro said he was just too tired and just grab and went.

After asking them background information on the assignment and asked for preferences on the artwork. Bro just said “Just don’t make it look sissy” and Kak Yana wanted the scrapbook to look fantastic because she saw the other kid’s work done by the parents has no effort in fact, one just printed out the whole thing.

With that, we came out with this.

5 people did this. Hahaha I made sure my bro and kak yana chipped in and we even made Shibly did something. It is after all, his project.

I was the consultant =p
Jhon was the “foreign talent” for drawing the carrots
Bro drafted the description, cutting and pasting the photographs
Kak Yana wrote the description
Shibly wrote his and Reno Rabbit’s name.

Okay lah hor? Shibly’s classmate had only 1 picture while he had 9 and everything was hand drawn and handwritten.

You have no idea the commotion created just for a simple scrapbook.


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