D'Resorts Staycation 2018

On 10th February 2018, I fully redeemed my prize from a contest I joined conducted by MunahHirzi and D'resorts. The prize was a 2D1N staycation at D'Resorts Beach Cove which included 4 tickets of unlimited access to Wild Wild Wet! I was beyond ecstatic lah! To be honest, Jhon and I needed a break.

With an extra double bed in the room, naturally, I asked Mak to join us for the night. As for the WWW tickets, I asked my family to join us for a family fun day. I could've asked everyone to bunk with us in one room but we co-sleep with Sarah who still nursed MOTN so my boobs are always out at night.

Mak, Jhon, Sarah and I were the first ones to arrive because we just can't wait to start our staycation lah! Plus, it's nice to just relax and check out the place before heading to the water park. We've never stayed here ever since the mega renovation and I've got to say, the place looks great. I was just not a big fan of having to walk a lot around the place to go to one location.

Sarah was 5 months here with her first staycation. We hoped that she will be okay sleeping in a new environment but hey, this aircon girl had no problem whatsoever.

Ahh.. Sarah's hair was still short here with brand new Pink Panther doll that Jhon bought on a whim just because Sarah can't help taking her eyes off it. sighs.

Sarah wore a bathing suit courtesy from Abg Jamil! Actually he didn't know it was a bathing suit. He thought it was just an outfit but I wasn't complaining! It was 1 less item to worry about. Yeah, I failed at tying her headband and she looked like some pendekar or dikir barat girl.

After a couple of hours, Abg and family arrived and after sitting around, off we went to Wild Wild Wet! And cue video stills from our action cam. Once upon a time, I love videoing and editing our outings but with a baby, PHEW! it's hard to juggle!

This was the main entrance.

But if you are a D'Resorts guest, you get to enter from the back! I feel so special, maciam VIP. hehe

Here's Sarah's first dip in a pool.
Granted, her first dip shouldn't be so over stimulating with crowds and loud sounds of water splashing. I was not surprised that she got scared even though this girl loves the water.
If I do not get wet from her splashing during bath time, it would considered as a lucky day. haha

I love this photo of abang.

Wave pool!

Sarah was not enjoying her time so Jhon just cuddled her. I was also glad there was a sitting area way at the back where I could hide behind (there were barely any people there) and nurse Sarah. I passed her back to Jhon and that was the start of my first Mommy Mode Off.

My wonderful Jhon who did not got a single dip in the park, volunteered to take care of Sarah so I can have fun. For the first time, ever since Sarah was born, I didn't have to always be on alert, making sure Sarah is okay.

It was really refreshing and it was something I truly needed.

I had to pause and capture this because it was so funny. That was Shibly by the way. haha

I did checked up on my sweethearts and Sarah had fell asleep.
I guess in this scenario, it's a good think Jhon is not a fanatic of waters unlike me. If the roles were reversed, I would be sad. haha

We made a final round around the kiddy areas and we ended our fun times.

8 people, including Sarah sharing one toilet to clean up was no joke but we managed. At least it's more comfy to mandi in the hotel than in the public toilets.

Not only that, I was superbly grateful Mak brought food!
She cooked sambal sardines which we ate with rice or bread! So while waiting, I munched! Sedap gila especially after hours of water play!

After everyone ate, we simply lounged around in the room, chit chatted and what not.
For the first time, Abg and family had to leave us to our rooms instead of the other way around because they were the original staycationers. haha It was nice because we didn't have to go home or anything. haha Of course, the boys were sad that the tables were turned.

Next day, we took the obligatory garden photos.
The day was extremely hot but we managed to get a few good photos in which were good enough.

Overall, we had great-great fun. We had the break we needed and I was so grateful to have won this staycation. Thank you again, MunahHirzi and D'Resorts!! MWAH!


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