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8 June 2017 – 4 July 2017 

Heartburn & Acid Reflux

I started to feel heartburn and acid reflux even when I ate something mildly spicy. Sometimes at night, drinking plain water gives me acid reflux. Thankfully, it's considered mild. The heartburns would be tolerable and lying more on my left instead of my right helps with the reflux.

Belly Discomfort

I am finding myself on all fours to relive my belly discomfort. The bloated feeling is real! I would mostly feel it if I ate too much so it's basically my fault lah. Stomach is getting squished so there's not much room for big meals. I am making sure I am having smaller but frequent meals to avoid it.

Growth Scan

On the 19th June, we got to see the Little One again! Little One has gotten bigger and can barely fit the screen. We got to see its developed fingers which were so cute! Doctor said Little One is 1.6kg at 29 weeks which is perfectly placed right in the middle of growth chart; not too big, not too small.

Yet again, baby is in breech. I know it's still early but having the doctor keep pointing it out does concerns me more than it should. I've read there are babies who only turn from breech from 37 weeks or even at the point of labour! There's nothing wrong with C-section but I just dislike the idea of needing to nurse a major wound on my belly! But a'las, if it's meant to be, I have to embrace it. So besides diving into what to expect in a vaginal labour, I also had educate myself about C-sections.

Breastfeeding Crash Course

Last month, we were asked if we wanted to attend a free breastfeeding talk on our next appointment day. Of course, I said yes. I think among all the other things, I've been concerned about breastfeeding and if my body allows it. I've been looking up info via the internet but information from a lactation consultant is always best.

The talk lasted about 30 minutes and it was straight to the point. We had a doll to 'play' with so we have an idea on how to hold the baby while breastfeeding. We also got some sample freebies such as a bottle to keep breast milk, baby shampoo & body wash, newborn diapers, pamphlets and such. We were free to ask any questions but for a FTM, it's hard to ask; at least for me, because I've yet to truly experience it. Either way, there are hotlines to call for any questions at any time I need so that's a good thing.

Feeling Awesome!

After a couple of weeks of heartburn, acid reflux and belly discomforts, I've started to feel great! I have energy (albeit I walk a little slower than usual). I know for most ladies, they have had long started with their breathlessness and exhaustion but the 7th month for me was good for me. Don't get me wrong, I still have my aching days where I take "MC" from helping my mom but when I felt good, it was almost a high.

Syihab would ALWAYS ask me when is Little One coming out every few days and when this picture was taken, the kids were being so affectionate for some apparent reason. lol

Even Nadya is in it too but she 'angin'. Sometimes wants to be clingy, sometimes don't like me. haha

Hari Raya Surprise for the Relatives

Hari Raya was towards the end of June and just in case any of you missed, I've not officially shared my pregnancy to my relatives. The intention was to just show up with a belly and let it tell all and Mak was more than okay with that. So as expected, everyone was surprised especially finding out that I've been 7 months pregnant and that I've been quiet. I just smiled and told them "Surprise!!" I also have cousin who is 1 month ahead who has been open about her pregnancy but we didn't get to meet though.

Not surprised that relatives compared my cousin's and my pregnancy especially that both of us have the same baby gender. But it's really unfair for her because physically, we totally look the opposite of each other besides the fact that every women have different pregnancy experiences.

Just in case some of you are wondering or thinking that my belly looks small. Well, it's because I am tall with a long torso which means baby had plenty of room to grow and move. On top of that, I don't get wide and big during my pregnancy.


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