Hari Raya (Week 3)

You all know what I will always visit Fizah's house so we did on the 3rd week of Shawal. I'm not much of a Hari Raya visitor in the first place but I do make a little effort for my best buddy. It's hard for us to meet up and really chat up and with my baby coming soon, who knows how we can arrange a meet up.

This year, we didn't spend too much time at her house (I used to stay for hours until evening lol) because this preggo gets too tired easily even from sitting around and must be home early for ample rest. Plus, Fizah also had guests so a bit paiseh to hog and chat with her.

But check out little Matin who is growing so fast.

Dah macam abang-abang already.

They sent us downstairs and we saw a cat. Apparently he loves cats and he has this habit of mimicking people or animals (for this case). When the cat laid down, he also wanted to lay down! You couldn't see me in the background because I cropped it but I was doing the "EHHH!" face when I saw him trying to do that. lol

Anyways, that concludes my super simple Shawal. Next year, I will have a baby in my arms!
That will be an interesting experience! haha


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