Hari Raya 2017 (Week 1)

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim readers! 
We are at halfway mark to our month-long celebration, u'olls. lol

I swear I told myself that I would post on time but that obviously didn't happen. hehe Anyways, if you have been a long time reader, you should know that my hari raya has always been unconventional and I've come to terms to that.

Last year, we celebrated our first day of raya at Abg's house but this year, Kak Yana raised her white flag. lol This year, we celebrated at our place where Mak hanged out at our place for 3 days 2 nights. It's not an open house or anything but whoever wants to visit Mak (She's the eldest in the family), relatives can come over.

This year, we didn't have much kueh. In fact, only 4 types, Makmur, Bangkit, Suji and Florentines that Kakak made due the oven breaking down and we only get our hands on the last week of Ramadhan. As for Hari Raya dishes, I only requested Mak to cook Kuah Lodeh, Sambal Sotong and Serunding because those are the only dishes I look forward to.

On the first day of raya, Mak, Abg Jamil, Jhon and I just spent the time watching Hari Raya shows/movies while eating our Hari Raya meals. It was basically pretty slack and we even had naps in between.

We did our maaf-maafan in the afternoon and took some photos. Check out my at home jubah that actually belonged to Mak because I complained that all my at home pants/shorts are too tight for me. Yeah, I am at the point where I don't care what I wear anymore at home and dresses are ultimate heaven for me.

Abg and family only came over in the evening, makan-makan, story-mory, sorry-sorry and that was it. I was glad they didn't over-stayed because even though we didn't do much, the waiting game can be tiresome.

On the second day, our favorite family came by first to visit their favorite Mak Long and Pak Hitam and family came by next. It was actually the first time any of my relatives visited Abg Jamil's house and also the first time the house received so many guests. I am more than grateful that Jhon and Abg Jamil are so freaking helpful and hands-on in helping me to serve the guests.

This was also the day my relatives found out that I was 7 months pregnant. (I only blogged about my pregnancy and no one is truly aware of my active blog lol) After that, it was a wrap as other family members didn't come over anymore and that was our simple and chop-chop 1st week of raya.


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