1st Trimester, 3rd Month (The Longest Month)

          1st Trimester, Month 0-1Month 2 (pt.1 & pt. 2),

1 Feb 2017 – 28 Feb 2017 

The Doctor Visits 

On 2 Feb 2017, I had an appointment at KKH for a blood test. It was meant for the Down Syndrome test but since I didn't do the initial blood tests, the nurse took about 4 full vials of my blood. I have no fear with needles so I just looked at the entire process. The entire appointment was very fast; it took us probably 15 minutes in total. Our breakfast there took longer than the appointment itself. Haha There was slight bruising and pain that lasted for almost a week but it was expected because I have thin veins.

On 22 Feb 2017 is the second part of the Down Syndrome test which was the NT scan. At this point, I didn't allow myself to be a worrywart. Whatever the results were, we will accept it. I was just excited to see Little One especially I was having the "I don't feel pregnant" feeling. Little One was waving his/her hands frantically and was even stretching his/her legs! I was ecstatic. We also got to hear his/her heartbeat for the first time which was at 162bpm. The scan took probably 30 minutes as the technician did her measurements.

Will you have a pointy nose like daddy?

After the scan, we waited probably less than 5 minutes when we had a sat down with the Down Syndrome results. Alhamdulillah, Little One is at low risk with 1:7618 compared to the 1:300 scale. Although the tests are 9/10 accurate, odds were pretty good. We left with glee not before we were approached by a student doctor for a survey.

This time around, they want to do tests and find ways to detect deformities in the blood instead of doing the invasive test of taking fetus' fluids. (this is a 2nd type of test if the 1st type results are at high risk). Similar to the survey Jhon and I did the first visit, I will do anything for science. I was sat down and briefed about the test. It turned out they needed 2 vials of blood and I was okay with it. What was the icing on the cake was that in a way of saying thanks, they will deduct $150 off my next ultrasound. YAHOO!!

Two good news in one day. My blood was drawn and off we went home. Oh, I read the letter for my OB and I saw that my new EDD is now 2nd September as opposed to 30th August although this will be further confirmed when I do meet her next month.


I no longer feel bloated! Because of this, my belly shrank so it turned out that my belly is 1/3 Little One, 1/3 fats and 1/3 air. After all, Little One is so tiny, technically, belly should not show so much. Morning sickness, nausea and headaches comes and go every few days in the beginning of the month and weaned as days passed so that's good. For some reason, I feel that this month feels like the longest month ever.

Belly show no pregnancy bumps but my it did popped out a little at 12.5 weeks. Even so, it still looked like a fatty belly but of a slightly different shape.


This is hard to tell. I had my share of food cravings way before I was pregnant. So it's difficult to tell if the food I was craving is from Little One or myself. With that said, no weird cravings and neither had cravings at odd times of the night... so far. When I do crave for something, it's quite general as in I'm fine with savory, sweet or sour food.