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1 April 2017 – 9 May 2017

Hello BELLY!

As soon as I reached 18 weeks, belly was visibly growing each day. Especially when I was wearing my non-maternity fitting shirts, the belly was definitely there. I still could get away with baggy outfits but as soon as I put my hands on my belly, you can see already. 

My 1 sized bigger jeggings are also getting tighter so I have to get myself maternity jeans real soon. The good news is that I still have a pair of leggings and recently bought dresses that can fit my growing belly. Don't you all think some maternity clothes look so orbit or sloppy? And those that are really nice cost so much too. On top of my choosy tendencies, it makes it harder. Annoying. But it's okay, I do have back up outfits that are still wearable. Basically, this month was the month I started to wear maternity outfits. I rarely wear dresses and I completely understand why most pregnant moms prefer dresses to any form of pants. It's way more comfortable!

[First time wearing maternity jeans & top from H&M]

[Dress from Uniqlo during our 1st year wedding anniversary]

Hello BABY!

Jhon and I had a trip to KKH on 13th April at 10:30am for my anatomy scan. I've been looking forward to this scan because

1) The last time I saw Little One was more than 1 month ago.
2) I want to see it's progress & health updates.
3) Since I am almost 20 weeks by then, we may able to know it's GENDER!! which a perfect birthday gift for me since my birthday was 1 day before.

The anatomy scan lasted about 1 hour and it was grueling! Why? It was because the Little One was in defense mode all throughout the scan. As in hands up covering face and in literal fetal position. The technician had trouble getting a proper view and she had to really dig into my belly. It was painful but I knew I had to bear it. It was nobody's fault but the baby's for being freaking shy. haha There's one point it had it's back facing us and another the Little One literally stared at us as if saying stop it!
Wah lao, baby!

It got so bad that we had to leave the room for a few minutes hoping for Little One will eventually move. The technician said she will call us again in 15 minutes so Jhon went out for a coffee break. But in just 5 minutes, she called me back because the person next in line didn't come over. I had to go in without Jhon and I found out Little One's gender without him. Too bad we didn't get to experience it together. Fortunately, he managed to get in 1 minute later and the technician showed Jhon the parts. Basically, he giggled like a school boy because it's exactly what he wanted.

[Like what Little One is doing, "Shhhhh..."]

[I am sorry-not-sorry that I am not revealing Little One's gender until delivery. I wanted to share initially but I figured a little mystery in this blog wouldn't hurt anyone. You are free to guess though. hehe]

I am so going to post a gender prediction chart to show you if it was accurate for us or not.

The positive vibes didn't last long because this Little One still refused to show it's spine, specifically it's neck because the way it twisted it's body. The technician literally kneaded my belly as I forced coughed to make Little One move. After much torture, she got what she wanted and I left with a sore belly (no bruises though) but with a glee in my heart. All that commotion took us 1 hour 30 minutes including waiting time.

We then went downstairs to Clinic C to see our doctor after the SOP urine, weight & blood pressure check. I gained only 1 kg and still under my pre-pregnancy weight. The wait for the doctor and consultation was fairly fast too.

Little One is growing wonderfully with no issues as for me, the doctor said it's good that I gained 1 kg and advised me on how much weight I should gain as weeks passed. 1 minor concern was that my placenta was on a low side. She said it was nothing to worry about because usually it will go back up as I reach 3rd trimester. I still can do my normal routine with no issue. Before we knew it, we were done with the doctor.

The longest waiting time was for payment and next appointment bookings. We had no choice but to wait because we need to set appointment dates for the next 2 months. If not for that, we would totally ask them to mail us the bill like the previous doctor's trip. All in all, we left the hospital at 1:50 pm. We spent over 3 hours in KKH which was the longest time we spent there.

Hello PAIN!

So far, I had never experienced any intolerable pain in the 1st trimester. I would only experience minor cramps and that was it. But on 15th April, OMAIGOD! The pain was unbearable and even if the pain had lessen, it was a constant pain that wouldn't go away. When I had round ligament pains, I would do some stretching or change sitting/lying positions and it would go away but this time, NOPE!

I tossed and turned, I walked, I stretched but the cramping and sharp pains would stay. It would move and switch places between my uterus and left rib cage. I knew it was normal and was aware of red alert signs. I had no blood or water discharge and despite being so painful plus, I still can talk. Thankfully, it went away for a while but it would come back once in a while the whole day. I know this pain is just the beginning and just a pinch. I totally need to start to man up when it comes to dealing the pains.

On 26th April, I was sweeping the floor and BAM! sharp pain on my lower back. I tried to tahan but it stayed to a point my legs to my toes start to tingle. I've read it before, I just didn't expect it too soon. It's probably sciatic pain. I gave myself a bed rest trying to get a good position, moved around and do mini stretches. It got better after a while but there was still lingering pain.

Towards the end of the month, I had noticed some swelling on my hands and feet. It's very minor but enough for me to notice so I quickly drank more water and rested.

Hello Shopping!

If you know me well, I dislike shopping. I am a practical person. If I don't see a need, I don't buy and if EVEN if it's a need, I would go through a series of checklists to convince myself it's a good buy. Being pregnant forces me to go shopping ALL THE TIME. April was the time I had succomed to buying a pair of maternity jeans and it felt so GOOD! No more cutting on my belly.

Ever since Mak found out the gender of the baby, she also took us out for lunch and went baby clothes shopping and she went crazy! I was just making conversation that my standard shirts don't fit properly and my bulging belly would ride the front up and she offered to buy my new tops. Wah! Paiseh. The last time Mak bought me clothes was when I was a teenager but she insisted. Luckily H&M have pretty decent and affordable maternity wear. I just let her choose and I tried it on. I am so happy with the new basic wear and actually can't wait to try wear it. haha

Hello Good People!

Now that my belly is out for all to see, I've been very blessed when it comes to public transport. 99% of the time, I was always offered a seat which I truly appreciate. I try not to baby myself but no doubt if there's an opportunity for me to sit, I would because my feet would ache. I figured I have STOMP to thank, huh?


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