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All of us are aware by now that most model shots taken in the magazines are all photoshopped; videos and articles of it are everywhere but it does not stop the industry to push that unrealistic flawless expectation. Despite of knowing this, we ladies still let them affect us subconsciously which in turn making us self-conscious and less confident as it’s impossible to reach to that level.

Come on, that kind of beauty is not real because those models don’t walk around 24/7 like that all the time. Just like this model, Elena Cheurina, all models are pretty much as ‘normal’ as us.

So why am I talking about this? 

Well, Chez Vous Salon is giving a shout out to all women to discover their natural beauty and celebrate #chezvousbeautyisreal as part of their 20th anniversary campaign. Their aim is to liberate women from those unrealistic beauty standards and prove that beauty is and should be attainable, tangible and empowering (#therealme); not unrealistic, impossible and enslaving.
But first, who is Chez Vous Salon

Located at the heart of Orchard, Ngee Ann City, it is a hair salon that does not only offer signature treatments in cool, local supported artistic interior. It has a one-of-a-kind “OHDA” (or Only Hair Directors Allowed) policy in place which means only hair dressers with minimum working experience of 10 years will touch your mane. You can truly trust your crowning glory with them. You can find their profile with credentials here.

They also have unique and special programmes that caters to your needs.

Expertligent Fix You Programme

If a visit from another hair salon leads to a disastrous outcome such as damaged hair or unsatisfactory treatments or cuts, you can visit Chez Vous to fix and repair up to sub-optimal results. In fact, if there is a lapse of less than 1 week between the treatment in question and the customer’s visit to Chez Vous, the programme isfree of charge! The only catch is its limited to 1 customer/day and only from Sundays to Thursday upon appointment. They also reserves the right to decline (if the hair is unsalvageable) because they are all about promises they can keep. 

Mix, Mingle, Makeover

Who does not love makeover parties? Have them at Chez Vous where you can mingle in the salon, lounge surrounded by artworks and mini hydra bar as guests gets a haircut, hair chemical services and after chemical treatment. Door gifts, foodstuff and drinks are also included. 

#ThursdayisthenewFriday Programme

Held only once a month there are surprise treats for ALL guests such as giving out macaroons, wine butler service, waive of bills, etc. Just keep a look out for their announcement on their Facebook page.

For an additional charge of $20, you can also have your own private area for your hair styling needs. Like a boss!

Anyways, in this digital world, we can soften our complexion, enhance our makeup and even change our face/ body type with just a few clicks or a few swiping motions.  It’s easy to forget what truly makes us beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we shouldn't doll ourselves up but at least do it realistically. Work with what you got! What makes me feel physically beautiful is when my hair, makeup and outfit is on point. It truly gives me an extra bounce in my step as I walk down the street. All of us are a little superficial inside and looking good makes us feel good and confident.

What is your secret to feeling beautiful?

What would you choose – a makeover session or a photoshopping session?
Remember, when you go out and about, people see the before photoshop version of you. But with a makeover, you are the best real time version of you; declaring to everyone, that this is #therealme

On that note,

Share & Hashtag #chezvousbeautyisreal and tell Chez Vous what beauty means to you. One lucky participant will stand to win #therealme makeover experience, worth $800.

Feel unlucky? Fret not!

Chez Vous has an open call for a makeover transformation for all women in Singapore

On 7th June 2015, 11am – 6pm at Chez Vous, #05-05, Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872, Chez Vous will offer every woman, regardless of age and race, the opportunity to experience a full makeover session for a pampering bliss.

So even if you didn’t win their #therealme makeover experience, you still can go for their 7th June makeover! Win-win!

For more info and their pricelist, click on the links below.

Address: 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Podium, 05-05, Singapore 238872
Phone: (65) 6732 9388


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