Dulang, Oh, Dulang

I was pretty adamant on the number of hantaran for our wedding. I wanted a number less than an average of 8. It’s not because ‘nak step humble’ or what, it’s just that I am not the kind of person who has always an item in mind when asked, “What do you want?”

Jhon, on the other hand is the opposite; not it’s a bad thing. I would classify his wants like any other person. He would probably want DSLR lens, a new road bike, road bike accessories, Sony Action Cam dan macam-macam lagi. 💸💸

Another obvious reason for not getting each other gifts on our wedding day it is so that we can cut costs. We give gifts to each on random anyways so we can slowly buy whenever it’s convenient and practical.

SO, I figured I wanted to exchange 4 trays.

For Him:
Wedding Ring,
Sejadah and
Leather Shoe (to be worn with 2nd wedding outfit)

For Her:
Wedding Ring & Duit Hantaran,
Sejadah and
Heels (to be worn with 2nd wedding outfit)

Items may change (usually Quran tends to be paired with sejadah right?)  but definitely about 4 trays. I asked my mom before but she had no comment because we will be paying everything by ourselves but I can see from her face lah, not too keen about it. My sis’s reactions was a resounding NO. She said minimum 5 trays because lagi lawa. o_O

She even said she would fork out for that extra tray. Frankly speaking, I don’t like that idea. I don’t want my tray items to be items for the sake of having more trays; like hampers or fruit basket.

Plus, to save costs, I am thinking of using my sis’s trays and if I am not mistaken, she has only 8 so just nice right? 4 and 4 so means all we have to worry about is decorating it. So why add problems to our situation??? Huhh?? Okay, this is starting to sound like a rant which is not my intention. haha

Anyways, I will not have a decorated Bridal room and solemnization is held downstairs so I don’t have to worry about having my bed ‘botak’. Downstairs, it will be neatly 4 by 4 next to each other. It would look pretty okay to me, at least in my head.

[Gubahan Klasique]

[Ribbons N Ties]

Amacam? Boleh? Boleh ape.

[Gubahan Cinta]


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