To Hashtag Or To Not Hashtag. That Is The Question.

This topic was brought up casually a few times mostly by me with Jhon, on whether we should create a personal hashtag for our wedding.

You know what I am talking about, your own wedding hashtag in Instagram for your guests to tag so you or other guests can view them easily.

Of course one of the things I did was considering a hashtag name.

Clearly #JZwedding is out of the picture.
Too common.

(opps, need to charge battery and Wifi is wonky as usual)

The tags that are unique and unused are

So technically there are not many Jhon are paired with a Zura. haha

So back to the question, will we pound it?


Anticlimax right?

Well, I think the main reason people have wedding hashtags it's because not only they have many guests but also most of them are media social active. But for people like Jhon and I, we don't have a huge social circle and even if we do, err... confirm by the end of the event, there will be probably 10 photos only. lol

So even if I want a special tag, I have a feeling it will lead to an embarrassing outcome.
So just tag our account names sudah lah.


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