Vendors Overloading & Budgeting

I still have plenty of time to go through and research for wedding vendors so it's not that stressing yet and I can only imagine BTBs who are scrambling to figure out vendors and their costs within a shorter period of time.

To find a vendor that we like is one thing, a vendor that our parents like is another and not to mention the dreaded fact if it's within our budget. Sometimes reading other BTBs low budget tips can also be frustrating because it's either their budget is not exactly low according to our standards or the couple are just so lucky enough to have people to sponsor all the heavy costs.

What's there left for people like us?
How about people who has to settle every expense themselves?

Up this point, I am still working on our budget, figuring how can we cut costs. One thing about us is that we want budget but we also want our wedding to be presentable so that's another challenge, to find a good vendor as suits our tastes but without paying a bomb. 
I don't want to be like this..

or this... 

or this..

or this...

Here's our guideline so far.

1. I laid out a list of vendors, big and small, from wedding deco to photography to  henna.
[list mostly extracted from kahwinkronicles and added more vendors as I go]
[My original list is not as nice as this one. I pretty it up an example just for you =P]

2. Highlight vendors that we are willing to go all the way in budgeting. Such as wedding cards, wedding favors, henna etc. And vendors we are willing to for out a little more.

3. Source out vendors base on preference. Rate them accordingly.

4. Find out their price.
(Price in this list is derived from other BTB or shared by vendor, not price discussed in an 1 on 1 appointment which it should be]

5.Narrow down vendors base on preference vs price.

6. Keep going through point 3, 4 and 5 for each vendor make your selection.

InsyaAllah, I will share my breakdown and will be transparent on my budget and prices when everything is done. 


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