Solat Class

Our Solat (prayer) class started on Sunday, 25th August 2013 at 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Since there are some differences in male and female praying methods (positioning of arms and legs and attire), classes are divided to male and female.

I was nervous but Jhon was not which was weird since he was the one who is converting.

I will share my experiences first.
My teacher was Ms Soraidah. The class was completely filled by the time she arrived. We were given a solat how-to book with a DVD. The DVD covers the basics of Solat which will be added with more prayers as one progresses while the book covers more detailed and complete prayer steps a prayers.

The class went pretty okay although I found it frustrating that sometimes sister Soraidah insist answers from us who were confused in the first place. I supposed she wants to know the level of our knowledge but the lady does not quit! There were laughters and new info learnt.

As for Jhon's class, it was more of the "abang-abang" cool where it is more chilled compared to my class. "Abang-abang" cool don't talk so much but Jhon really enjoyed Bro Umar Siraj's lessons. There were a few times where it did struck a chord in him.

As the weeks passed, we eventually had "wudhu" (ablution) and "solat" (prayer) practicals. We learnt hands on and as usual, the girls take longer time. Not only because our class is s bigger, there was just so much commotion and chattering. In fact, for "wudhu" practical, everyone wanted to take photos. What was supposed to end at 3pm, ended at 4:30pm. Imagine how hungry and frustrated Jhon was waiting for us. Lol Jhon was not the only one though because there are couples and families taking the same class too.

[Can you spot me?]

Overall, we really enjoyed our Solat class. I even made new friends.

I hope our path to strengthen our faith is forever smooth.

There is Solat 2 class but Jhon and I decided that we will embark to that class after we have solidify the basic Solat first. One step at a time yeah?

So when will Jhon officially convert to Islam?
It is still in discussion. Initially, we thought of doing it
this year but now there are talks of months before the wedding. At this point, I can't tell because it is a truly special and enlightening day for Jhon and I want to know that he is 100% ready for it.



  1. Hi, where did you went to for your solat class?

    1. Hello there! I went to Darul Aqram. They have Solat Class 1 and 2. Solat Class 1 covers the basics/ obligatory stepswhile Solat Class 2 covers more detailed aspects of Solat and Sunnah prayers. You may visit for info and sign up. =)