The Superbly Delayed Hari Raya Post

The post says it all. Hari Raya was on August 2013 and it's almost December. I'll spare the boring details why and start with the post.

Actually, I didn't celebrate Hari Raya as most would. Along with Abg Jamil, Jhon and my mom, we spent eve and actual hari raya at Adventure Cove and watch the NDP fireworks. To read the posts, click here and here. 

It's not that boycott Hari Raya or anything. Our doors are still open but somehow mom had her priorities a little different this year. First people to visit was of course my bro and his family. He also brought along nephews on SIL's side.

The standard 'mintak maaf ' moments.

More guests came by as days passed by. On days Jhon is around, there are photo evidence, for others, too bad huh...

Abrupt End.

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