Jhon Tolentino is 31!

Jhon has surpassed 30 years old and landed the 31st mark on October. He likes to say that this is his last year that his age is on the calendar. hur hur

He applied half day leave and we met at Changi City Point to eat at Istanbul Gourmet. It used to be one of our go-to dinner place when it was at East Point Mall. Jhon was delighted to know that it opened in Changi City Point. The only down side it is an al-fresco kind of thing where you have to take away the food.

Either way, he was a happy man.

This year, I bought him a wallet because his current one is slowly deteriorating. To my delight, while we were window shopping with my Mom a few weeks before, I saw a good deal from Goldlion. Yeah, uncle-ish brand but the wallet, belt, buckle and even the box looked good. Plus, we were never brand kind of people.

I still wrapped it and Jhon acted surprised. I love him for that. haha

We later headed to Sim Lim to buy an external hardisk (his current one is down and pictures up to 7 years are gone! heartbreak) and then to Orchard to watch IMAX 3D movie, Gravity. I was apprehensive at first because of the price but I gave in for the birthday boy. It was awesome lah! I felt I was in space too! Not to mention, when Thor and The Hobbit trailer's was shown, I was completely blown away. I am hooked with IMAX 3D movies now.

After the movie, we went to see Fizah for dinner at Cahaya Restaurant for Jimba Noodles. Wohoo! Meeting Fizah was a little spur of the moment because days before, we were saying it's been a while since we last hung out and tada!

It was a tiring day because we walked a lot but nothing beats that happy smile on his face. Happy birthday, mahal ko!


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