Found on Google Map

On November 2012, as Jhon and I was in a bus going back to work from lunch, I saw the ever famous Google maps Street View car drove passed us.

 I was ecstatic as it passed us and was frantically waving at it and squealed at Jhon to wave too. You can imagine how I actually looked and sounded like at the back of the bus.

Why this teenage frantic excitement?
I finally have a chance to be in Google maps! I know, very random and unimportant dream but that's how I live. Dreams does not only consists of family, money, cars and etc. you got to be excited in the littlest, most random things too.

Plus, being in Google Maps is a semi cool thing in the internet world because some people or animals can be caught doing the most random or weird things.

I was caught off guard so all I did was waved. lol lame.

I did checked months later but still no update (no update of the new Changi City Point at that moment) and I totally forgot about it until today.

For security purposes, Google blurred our faces but I know it was us lah. We always sat at the back of the Comfort bus and I had my bangs last year.

We have finally made a mark in Google maps. Yey! hahaha


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