Shibly turns 6!

Time sure flies fast. Shibly is graduating from kindergarten soon and will be heading to primary school next year. In fact, he has a school orientation in a few days.

He wanted a Minion themed cake so his parents lovingly got him a birthday cake to be shared with his classmates and Syihab's classmates.

We didn't have intentions to be boastful or anything but when we found out Syihab's classmate also had a birthday, we felt embarassed. Aiman's cake looked small in comparison and his parents didn't came to visit. While Shibly has 4 adults crowding the class. *paiseh* Purposely made him were home clothes some more so he would stand out. =p

As for party gifts for his classmates, his mom bought minion cupcakes! Expensive wor but it looked good. My SIL was telling how the kids were so excited showing them off to their moms when she was picking the kids from school.

We made jokes that my bro was like doing wedding gift exchanges. He went with cupcakes and then returned with a cake (SIL had arranged to have the cake sent directly to the school first)

Happy birthday Shibly!!


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