Relationships and Religions

There are common relationship pairings such as relationships and money, culture, common goals, etc. I can only guess relationships and religion would probably be an unlikely issue unless either one of the the partner is a Muslim.

Most people knows that Islam has its strict followings and one of them is that a union would work better if both parties are of the same religion and for this case, Islam. It is a great sin to convert from Islam so the best solution is the other partner has to embrace Islam.

Yes, yes, some nay sayers would disbelieve and think it is just a gimmick to get people to convert to Islam because it is perceived as "If you want to marry me, you have to convert" Ultimatums can be very strong indeed but one has to understand that it is more than that. It is about sharing the same faith, beliefs and common goal in the after life. As much as I can respect one's choice in religion, I would like to believe my partner will go to the same heaven, do you know what I mean?

People tend to underestimate a relationship with different religions. They think it's easy, just convert! I can't speak for other religions but in Islam, it's way more than just converting. It is a submission, of your heart and soul, sincerely.

This is where my relationship comes in. Jhon was a born Catholic. I would say quite devout because he was once a choir and altar boy. It was from the same exposure that lead him away from that religion
which in turn made him a free thinker.

As for me, I am a born Muslim. Regrettably, I could not call myself as a devout Muslim but I do uphold some Islamic practises such as avoiding pork, practise fasting and etc. No doubt in mind, I always strive to be a better Muslim the best way I can.

As explained, Jhon has to convert to Islam.

When he does, I would want him to convert because he sincerely and faithfully want to be with Allah not me. Sure, I am the catalyst but the end of the day, it would be for Allah. If we don't make it as a couple, I don't want him to discontinue being a Muslim.

That, takes time, loads of time.

Many people do not understand this, even fellow Muslims because in their minds, I should just throw him into a religious class and that is it. If only they realize it does not work that way. Why do you think we hate going to school? It is because we were forced to go.

So besides struggling with our responsibilities as a son/daughter and my fear of marriage, taking our relationship to that official level takes time. Not many people understand this and I am not going to pour out our personal obstacles to every Tom, Dick and Harry who questions our delay in pursing marriage.

But here they are, one of our main reasons of delay.

When time does come, Jhon will be attending religious classes with me next to him and we shall embark our route to a spiritual learning together. There is no point enforcing him to Islam when I am weak in knowledge. I would be a hypocrite if I do so.

So, with God's willing, may this journey be smooth sailing. Amin.


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