Peek-a-boo! I see you!

After Irfan’s mini celebration, [link here] we headed to Kallang Leisure Park in hopes to play bowling. Unfortunately and somewhat as expected, the lanes were completely full with a full page of waiting list. We were stumped.

So we headed to Burger King, bought some food for the kids to munch on and we pondered. While Bro and I were thinking of places to go, Jhon had to take care of the kids who were running a mock the mall lol

I was thinking of going to Downtown East and perhaps try Orchid Bowl and if that fails, we head could go to Explorer Kid. Bro then said if we end up at a playground, there is an indoor playground in Kallang Leisure Park. I knew what he was trying to say so we just headed to Peek-a-boo and skip all the hassle. =D

Let me tell you a secret. I have always wanted to go to such indoor playgrounds, hokay!!? But I can’t go without any kids and I used to tell Jhon I would point out a kid randomly to tell the person in charge I am their guardian lol

So finally, my bucket list has been ticked! Wohoo! I know childish but I don’t care. I am simply paying my unpaid dues when I was a kid. =P

You can imagine how I behaved on that day. At that moment, I was 5 again, climbing up and down the 3 storey playground/maze. I definitely had trouble catching up with the 2 boys because well, I have to crawl most of my way because of my height and my knees are pampered from not having weight on it all the time.

Exhausted from all that climbing and sliding, I would ‘rest’ at the lobby. Rest is in inverted commas because there was where everyone had our ball wars. We literally threw the plastic balls across the area. Kesian me, it was 4 adults against 1, even when Shibly helped, he didn’t really helped at all because his throw was weak. Haha

I played blocks with the boys, climbed some more, more ball wars and mingled with other cute babies. Oh, and rage a mini war with the bad kids. Lol Not as bad as Kak Yana who was caught in the act being naughty to a China girl (who was rude to me and the boys while playing) by her parents .

We ended playtime by using ice-cream as bait. Oh by the way, caramel ice-cream with granola mixed in is HEAVENLY. Fuh!

We ordered Pastamania to go and headed home.

It was definitely of the best outings we had!


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