Shibly, my nephew's birthday party by the beach

On the 24th Oct, right after the Nuffnang blog awards, was Shibly's 2 years old birthday. We planned it to be held at East Coast Park and everything went rather smoothly except the fact that i got extra cranky due to the heat and an empty stomach.

We had kite flying, balloon & bubbles blowing, eating 2 types of noodles with fried chicken and a couple of deserts, played with party gifts, Mickey mouse cake and crazy laughter in between. Extended family members only came in the evening but its alright, at least there are people to finish up the food hahaha

Enough of talking, big-ass pictures coming up!

The birthday boy and his playtime

Kite Flying by Jhon and Abg Awil

My lame attempt at writing at the sand
[p/s: i was trying to say Mommy minus Daddy since he is in China now]

Setting Sun...

Awww.. look at that face..

I know, i know.. Need i state the obvious? hahhaha

The guys had a balloon challenge on who can blow the biggest balloon.

Cake Time!

 The Crazy Party Boys hahaha 

Shibly, the Chicken Boy

Some of the guests later that night

I swear to God, this picture looks EXACTLY like me when i was his age!

Well, thats it. I will be posting more on my Multiply blog because there are almost 200+ crazy photos to be posted up.I will post them when i have the time. tee hee!


Happy Birthday Shibly! Stay cute n intelligent always! Mwahh!!

More pictures here! 

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