Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009

Thanks to my Pringles and Uniquely Singapore post, i managed to win exclusive tickets to the first Nuffnang blog awards on the 23rd October 2009! Coincidentally, it also falls on our anniversary! How awesome is that?

I even get to go for a Singapore blog tour with all asian bloggers but too bad i cant make it because i made commitments to my 2 year old nephew's bday. I must enjoy him when he is still cute. haha

The awards was held at Pan-Pacific Hotel and we arrived at about 7.05pm. The crowd was still tame so when we entered the place, everyone looked up and stared at us and there was when i quickly looked down and hide behind Jhon. haha

The main person i really was looking for was Xiaxue and Kenny Sia but I doubt they would come so early anyways so Jhon and I just relax at one corner and check out the crowd as it grew.

Close to 8pm, we went in the ballroom and to our table [which is far away from the stage btw =( ]  and was welcomed by a bottle of sweets complimentary of Nuffnang & Sticky. It's very unique and cute and i love it!


I checked out the menu and it looks pretty good, no pork hahahha I suppose there are also Malay-Indonesian-Malaysian bloggers too so Nuffnang tried their best to cater most of us here.

Allan Wu was the host of the day and the first part of the ceremony was the storytelling of the past and present of Nuffnang. It was quite interesting to know how Nuffnang grew to become such a success.

The founders of Nuffnang.

 While watching an magic act by J C Sum and "Magic Babe" Ning, the food came one by one throughout the entire award ceremony. 3 out of the 4 dishes were delicious!

Our table is really like rojak being all mixed will all kinds of characters. haha

There are the young-hyper-active ones from hisdecadence who are pretty cool actually

There are the sweet and quiet ones from reflectherbeauty and jing-world

 There are the talkative-center-of-the-attention couple from tinsel-gurus

There are the keep-to-oursleves couple from -i-dont-know-where- because didnt get their site add. =P

and theres us, the underdogs. We were quiet but we tried our best to exchange some words and smiles. hahaha we were so akward because we are not very big in socializing but i think we made a semi-good impression.... i hope >_< But i think the table was pretty good no bad vibes at all.

Austrailian bloggers took the stage with some of the awards and Xiaxue was the talk of the award because she won 3 awards! Best entertainment, Best Original blog and Best Regional Blog! Jealous sia... the trophy is so nice. hehe and Kenny Sia even did the Kanye West bit which was histerical and classic.

The funny thing that happened was that i was trying so hard to see Xiaxue in the flesh but all i can see is her floating blonde hair. It was hilarious man. It really felt like looking for my mom and sis [who is short too btw] at a supermarket ailse!

But i managed to check her out in the end. Pretty leh. I dont care if her hair, nose or whatever is fake. the thing is, it suits her. I get to see Kenny Sia too and the other of the nominees that i admitedly don't know. bwahahaha


After all the hoo-hah, Jhon stole a white rose for me because nothing says better than 'I love You' with a stolen rose

and went home because we are going to have a long day at the beach the next day. 

We are so old. -_-''

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