Another Birthday Picnic

This time, the credits goes to Sis's inlaws as they want to celebrate Sis and FIL's birthday which falls on the 26th October but the picnic was held on the 25th. It was a small and humble picnic at Pasir Ris but everyone had great fun. This time around, i took the back seat and just relax because frankly speaking, i was truly exhausted from the 2 nights in a row escapades.

Yet again, not much storytelling here [there's no point right? almost every celebration is about the same], just going to throw pictures at you! hehe

It was so hot even before we went out i had to tie my hair. I looked like i had those stylish haircuts eh? Looks weird on me i think

Busy with the drinks

Settling down as Abg Awil joined his family for quick swim and play time. hehe


Can you spot the "sea creature"? haha

Sis's FIL fishing

Soccer Time for the boys

Fishes caught.. not bad eh?

i look like a boy... -_-

Fizah with my mom


and finally, a big group photo


Thats it! Just a heads up, next blog post is also birthday related. i can hear groaning from everybody already. haha I cant help it that most of my family members are Octo-babies! ok, that doesn't right.. does it? hmm

BUT don't worry, no celebration what so ever. its just a birthday date... ON A HELIPAD! how cool is that!

Watch this space!

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