Another Hari Raya Post

Mak, Kakak, Abg Awil, Jhon and I went Hari Raya visiting to 3 homes yesterday. Abg Awil's parent's, Mak's sis's and ayah's sis's.

Its the 2nd time i went out for Hari raya-ing and its pretty pathetic compared to the normal malays. =P By now, they would've visted hundreds of houses already and i can only count mine in one hand. bwahahha

i tell ya, we are losing the Hari Raya spark year by year... why ah?

Nonetheless, i still wore my baju kurung and mak looked awesome with the complete muslim do. She is slowly but surely opening her heart. =)

Me and my mom. the problem taking pic with short ppl... you will stick out like a sore thumb hehehe

I dont know why i wore this top. i dont really like it because it makes me look big or maybe im just used to wearing fitting clothes.

My mom. I love her top, its from Qatar.

With my sis. She got excuse from wearing malay clothes coz she is pregnant.. She needs a wardrobe overhaul. hehe See what i did there? Hiding.. dont think it works though.. My God.. i'm so vain.. *sighs*  
Ugly people cannot be vain leh.. There's no point. lmao!

My attempt at -take-picture-from-the-top-so-that-ppl-would-think-im-very-slim-in-real-life-pose- and yes, i know.. my hair kinda sucks and thats the best i can do.

Well, thats all, didnt take much pictures because Jhon and I just rot on the sofa while the elders chit chat. This is the most dullest blog on Hari Raya ever man!

Till then, [insert inspiring Hari Raya words here]

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