Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience

Not many people know this, but I love Singapore. I know it sounds sooo corny and politically correct but I’m serious! People complain that Singapore is too strict or uptight and boring but without laws, there’s no order right? and plus, boring? It just means they don’t know how to have fun because you can have fun everywhere and anywhere, even at a cemetery. You know.. play Ghost hunters.. ok, getting side tracked.
But mainly, Singapore is one of the countries where you get find ANYTHING; with the right guide.
Searching for a cultural experience? We got tons of it. Little India, Chinatown, Malay Village and several historical landmarks all over Singapore and we preserve the places so well that you would be enveloped by the atmosphere.
If you want to shop until you drop, you can head down to Orchard, with more shopping malls recently constructed, you can go gaga-crazy with all the branded goods.
The phallic building....
 Didn't get a picture of the back view which really looks like a ding-dong anyways, who said we are conservative?
We have bargain shops, cool beach resorts and a lot more. Despite Singapore being a small country, you will be surprised to know there still places that Singaporeans have yet explore including me.
So I’m supposed to give a 1 day itinerary for foreigners so will try my best hor? I could at least give you a basic one and I’m going to let one of my kittens, "Nike" go through the itinerary with you since he is way cuter and entertaining than me! Sentosa Beach

After having breakfast at the hotel, everyone will have a gradual start and deal with the jet lag at Sentosa. There are lot of things to do there like go-karting,sky-lifting, visit the underwater world. There is also a spot at Siloso beach where you can get real close to the equator!


You can tell everyone, "Hey! I suntanned near the equator!"

of coz, Nike's favourite is the underwater world... 

12pm: Lunch at a local hawker centre
Next, a trip to Bugis to eat at Tong Seng Coffee Shop to savour some local food like "Laksa, Chicken Rice and Siew Mai"


Plus, its near a few shopping malls too! which brings us to the next part... 

1 pm: Shopping!  
Just less than a minute walk away, is Bugis Village mall and Bugis Street for affordable goods.


And a quick trip to Sungei Road for really interesting finds at great bargains! 

Soon after that, we shall head on to Orchard road, the heart of the city for high end shopping and also to take a break from the heat. 

4 pm: Drive around Kampung melayu, China town, Little india
By this time,everyone will be tired from all that walking and carrying bags so everyone will take a drive passing our cultural places like Kampung Melayu, ChinaTown and Little india. Singapore has restored most of the buildings so you can really see and feel the local vibe of the spots.

6 pm: trip back to hotel for a break
At this point, I’m sure everyone is feeling sticky from the humidity so we take a quick trip back to the hotel to put away the shopping bags and take a quick shower.

7pm: Newton Circus
Time for dinner! Enjoy the best way to savior the local food at Newton with Chili Crabs, Black Pepper Prawns, Sambal Stingray..... You will be in food heaven.

8pm: Singapore Flyer & Merlion 
With a full stomach, we will gradually start the night taking the Singapore Flyer and be captivated with Singapore’s beautiful night scene such as the Merlion and Esplanade.

10pm: Swisotel Helipad
What's the best way to end the day? Chilling and partying on a Helipad at the 74th floor! Appreciate the general view of the city and dance your night away. 



 So what do you think? Rather basic but interesting and krrunch  (eh, wrong blog.. I mean) fun right?
Too bad Nike wont able to accompany with the actual trip because he is very shy-shy unless you don’t mind leaving Singapore with cute little scratches all over your body haha whatever it is, with or without Nike, good/bad impression of Singapore, I think everything should indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience. 

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