The Art of Picking Up Women With Chili Sauce

Ahh... the art of picking up the ladies, I am sure men have their strategies.

I am hardly the one who gets picked up by guys because I am pretty good at my stuck up face. Heck, a guy ever said I have a murderous look.

But there are always a few that would caught me off guard and try to do their ‘thang but I got to admit, I am somewhat amused on this strategy.

It was 7.20am and I was at Toa Payoh waiting for late Fizah. I was getting hungry so I decided to have my breakfast at McDonalds first because I was thinking, why torture myself with hunger pangs for someone’s tardiness? *stares at Fizah* =p

By the way, the reason we were at Toa Payoh so early in the morning during the holidays because we were going trekking at MacRitchie Reservoir.

Going straight to the point, I order my sausage egg muffin meal, noticed a group of malay boys who were getting rowdy and eyeing on me. I did what I always do, ignore and after 10minutes of what sounds like drunkard and forced laughter, they stopped.

Until Fizah came when I pretended to be pissed with her, smiled and accidentally made eye contact with one of the Malay boys.

To my regret, they started their noise laughter again.

We just ignored them and just talked as Fizah started her breakfast.

As I was just complaining to Fizah about how irritating those boys were, they stood up and left not before one of them stopped and placed something on our table.

I can’t see what it was because it was covered by Fizah’s bag, I thought it was a hash brown or something [yes, ever got free onion rings with this stuck up face okay? Lol] but it was this.

Mobile phone number neatly written out of chilli sauce.

 Fizah and I just stared at each other and laughed. I would like to think that they gave it to Fizah since I am supposed to be the Chinese girl but I am not that curious enough to ask them haha.

Whatever it is, I took a picture to blog about it and threw it away.

All I can say is, thanks for the compliment and a story boys. =D


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