Life with Sarah (Month 5)

Did you missed it? 

This was around the time when it really hit us. Sarah was growing up fast and she was no longer a teeny baby that we can carry securely with one hand. SIGHS! We were at a dilemma as all parents do of wanting to see their child grow up but at the same time don't want them to grow up because they are still so precious.

I will definitely miss her clingy and manja moments. Before I know it, she don't want to cuddle with me anymore... hurhurhur!

Wooo.. Look is accustomed to her walker now? Technically, walkers are for 6 months and up but Sarah already used it a few days shy from 5 months. Did I mentioned that she is a tall baby? Anyways, she's enjoying the walker more and more and it has given me air to breathe, time to eat, space to pee among other things.

Thanks to her frequent chats with her Lolo, Lola, Tita Loi & Kuya Jayden, Sarah was familiar with the handphone. She would naturally smile whenever she sees herself and yes, reach for the handphone whenever possible. That's the only handphone time she gets but apparently, it's enough for her to want to play with it.

Immunization time!

Precious moments! She seems to sleep faster on Daddy's chest than mine. Why? Because mine is bumpy eh? lol

Sarah has been exploring more as she get used to the mechanics of the walker. lol
She has roamed to almost every reachable place and that includes the kitchen.
I just love to see her eyes blinking as as THUMP as she enters the kitchen because it has a small step down.

I don't know about you guys, but I don't fancy cartoonish outfits. I can settle down for toned down versions of it but I prefer a more akak outfits. hehe

The look of Sarah's face was as if a look of horror/ worry because it was the first time we went out without Daddy. haha I had to do a quick errand and despite the hot day, everything went smoothly. It also helped that she slept half of the way. haha

Ooohh... lookie here, see who "found" their feet? She went to town with it. It didn't last long though. She stopped after a week or two.

Half way through her 5th month, we got her ears pierced at a jewelry shop at Geylang.
Many parents would go to a clinic but as long as the jewelry shop sanitize their equipment and such, I don't mind lah.

Yes, she did cried.
And it didn't help that she was borderline sleepy.

I don't know if it's a cultural or family tradition, but Mak bought Sarah her an anklet. Now, we can hear Sarah's every movement especially when she toss and turn at night. haha

Pretty pierced ears!
Look lesser of a boy or not? haha segment of the month.

We went to a family tahlil and Sarah got to meet her cousin again who was only 1 month older than her, Adila.

Am I missing something?

Actually, they were very cute lah.
They kept staring at each other and then got bored and cried. hahaha
But they did interacted though, just not for long period of time.

This photo was taken while she was waiting for me to clean up and Jhon was tending to her.
Jhon said she just suddenly became non-active and stared into nothingness. haha

Sometimes I forget Sarah has long fingers until I see this kind of photo.

This picture is to only commemorate of putting the table tray on the Combi. hahaha

Teething stage which lasted for a month but a'las, no teeth. Kinda a horray for me since she was breastfed. I dread the day she bites me.

This not so awesome photo to commemorate the day Sarah sat in a public baby chair. hahaha Isn't funny, when it's your first kid, every little thing also want to take picture? After her, no big deal liao. Hopefully not lah. I will always take pictures.

This was taken when we had our staycation at D'Resorts.

She may look like Jhon but she has my mannerisms.
I don't know if that's a good thing or not. haha

Ooh.. I love it that Sarah loves books. Jhon ever playfully arranged her toys and books around her, asked her to choose what did she wanted and she choose a book. Everytime we read it, she got so happy.

I also love to see her bond with Abg Jamil. She would always peek into his room; looking for him. It's so cute lah! Here's her sleeping on his ecercise ball. Lol

Sighs.. I've gained significant weight. I can't stop eating snacks wor! I've been trying to start to exercise again though but sometimes I got too tired to work out.

I'm ending this post with Sarah looking like Snake from Metal Gear. She loves it when her eyes or faced being covered.  Dangerous lah this girl.


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