Madrilenial Butterfly - the bloodsucking butterfly

Yup, you read it right, a supposedly pretty harmless butterfly that sucks blood!

 I learnt about this a few years ago on Animal Planet but I only decided to share it today as it randomly came to my mind.

The Madrilenial Butterfly does feast on fruits BUT it also feasts on blood.
Look at it drinking with flies... eww..

 Good news is that it is from Spain and it only sucks blood of dead carcasses.

So before you sigh from relief, I found out another blood sucking insect,
the Vampire Moth.

This moth is sucks blood of the living! And it comes from Russia.

Moths & Butterflies will never be harmless in our eyes and your welcome for adding one more irrational fear to your list. =P


  1. i'm fascinated by entomology, and am a big fan of insects. u shud check out attenborough's life in the undergrowth BBC series :D

  2. thats pretty gross! how can that person just sit there and let a moth suck her blood without shrieking and pushing it off??!

  3. People will do anything in the name of science! hehe