The Amazing 2D1N Shah Alam Vacation Part 1

As previously mentioned, this is the most story induced 2D1N vacation ever! There were so many incidents that happened that it was almost surreal but it only made the vacation interesting and exciting. So let’s get started!

Oh, before I start, I want to say thank you to my SIL, Kak Yana for planning and researching for this trip. It was mainly meant for Mak and herself to go shopping crazy at Pasar Tani but everyone was beyond satisfied. Experience of a life time kan? Hehe

Okay, okay. I start now.

Instead of taking an aeroplane to Kuala Lumpur and cab to Shah Alam, we decided to take a coach for experience and budgeting reasons. Kak Yana booked through to get the appropriate timing. Our trip was on 27th Dec, Friday at 10pm. So after work, everyone had a quick dinner and then we all met up at Textile Centre at 9pm.

We were somewhat early so after redeeming our tickets, we had to wait around although we spent most of the time taming over hyper kids. There was a good amount of crowd waiting for their respective coaches and by 10pm, our couch arrived.

Our first coach service was from Eltabina Jaya Sdn Bhd which was a 2 storey seater bus and Kak Yana got us the bottom bunk. It was actually nice and cosy as there was 7 of us and there were 9 seats.  The seats were spacious, comfortable and also, the fact that I had a jacket and a mini pillow with me only made it more comfy. I suppose the only personal problem I had was that I am not tame sleeper so I tend to switch sitting positions. Other than that, it was fantastic.

Oppss, this is me caught in the act making funny faces. Don't ask why. lol Captured by bro.

The ride to Kuala Lumpur was a little bumpy and noisy but all of us still managed to get nap so it was not THAT bad. We had 1 pit stop at Darul Ta'zim, Johor where Jhon, Bro and Shibly went out for a late snack while the rest of us continued to sleep.

About 3+am, we reached Terminal Bersepadu Selatan which is a bus terminal. We had our toilet break, early morning drinks and took a maxi cab to Shah Alam. The roads were clear and we probably reached Grand Blue Wave Hotel in about 45 mins or less costing us about MYR90+.

Side note: Check in time was 3pm but Kak Yana had written special request that we will be checking early about 6am. We knew that we were taking a risk coming in early without knowing if there was a room available for us but we did gave them a heads up. Plan B was checking in a budget hotel nearby.

When we checked in the hotel, lo and behold, all rooms were fully booked and the earliest check in was about 2pm. Kwang kwang kwang. Luckily we were prepared for this and asked where the nearest budget hotel was. Thankfully, it was only 7 minutes walking distance away. It was somewhat of a hassle since we had come from a 5 hour ride but we were mentally prepared so it was alright.

In fact, it was an interesting experience, walking in deserted Shah Alam at 4am in the morning but then again, I am kinda of a morning person. The air was clean and fresh as we walked towards Plaza Perangsang. We were informed that Quality Hotel is within that mall.

There was a high staircase to the entrance of the mall and since we had a luggage and a stroller, bro and Shibly went up first to the empty mall looking for a sign. Luckily, there was a security guard on duty and it turned out that the hotel’s entrance was at the side of the building. Fortunately, the guard let us pass through the mall’s entrance.

We checked in for a Deluxe double bed room for the 7 of us just for the sake of resting and killing time until 1pm. The room… oh the room… Let’s say, Quality hotel does not live up to its name.

I am not picky when it comes to hotel rooms but their room condition was rather bad. We could see through the pillow cases that the pillows were stained, lamp shades spotted and yellow and even some floor boards are broken. There were more that I rather not mention. We unanimously agreed that we were glad it was temporary and were too tired to care at that moment.

We woke up about 7am - 8am for breakfast. Breakfast was below par to me and we slacked around until check out time.

No pictures of adults because semua orang muka kopek even though we had cleaned up. haha So only back shots yeah? See how efficient were we? Bro with stroller, Mom and SIL with kids each, Jhon with baggage and me? Camera. lol But in my defense, Jhon always insist in carrying my bag because he is always nice and gentlemanly that way. =D

Argh! Not even done with the first day and I have to end here. More coming up!

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