The Amazing 2D1N Shah Alam Vacation Part 2

We walked back to Grand Blue Wave Hotel to check in yet again. This time, the hotel was packed with Elken members and guests for a wedding. These are faces of tired people.

When Kak Yana and bro tried to check in, the concierge lady said that there was no room available and we should wait until 3pm. Kak Yana insisted that they promise us that we can definitely check in at 3pm because we have been waiting since 4am. While pointing out in our email copy that there was a clear note that we were checking in early. 

She can’t. So, she gave us a free upgrade to make up for the hassle. Our 2 Deluxe Suites to an Executive Deluxe Suite that is joined to a PRESIDENTIAL SUITE worth $4,000 per night!

At first we were confused on the excitement of the lady. She was so happy and almost jumping for joy for us. We knew it was a great upgrade but I guess we didn't realize how beautiful and luxurious a Presidential Suite was until we entered the room.

You know the reactions of families in Extreme house makeovers? We did exactly that. We screamed and ran all over the Presidential suite. It was AMAZING!  

There was a kitchen, a meeting room for 18 pax, a bar top, guest toilet, large living room with a desk that has a fax machine, a ridiculously big bedroom with a walk in closet, vanity room and a bathroom with separate shower and toilet with a Jacuzzi. 
Now try saying that in 1 breath. 

The Executive deluxe suite was great too. It was spacious with a small walk in closet. Albeit, compared to the Presidential suite, it seem common but it was really spacious and comfortable. Especially the King sized bed that managed to fit 3 of us comfortably. I wanted to bring that bed home.

Both rooms has a beautiful view of Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah also famously known as the Blue Mosque and since this room is the quietest, I can hear every prayer call and Quran recitations from the mosque. It was very calming and beautiful. 

Initially, we had intended to just get settle in and go out to nearby malls but the suite was so beautiful and comfortable, we decided to have our late lunch and went out later. We ordered room service and had the server place the food in the meeting room. I later arranged the food in way how rich people eat in a big table; far apart. Lol 

Food was fantastic. We loved the Ribeye burger, Kway teow goreng, Burger steak and Fish and chips. As for the Steak with an Asian twist was a fail.

It was fun at first but it was definitely lonely with lack of physical bonding and it’s so hard to share food. Haha I mean, look at this, it's like we were strangers. It was definitely an experience to take note and remember. 

Anyways, look who had a taste of the jazuzzi first? lol And don't worry, Syihab was fine. He was caught in the moment when he was dipping his face in the water. This is from the boy who is afraid of swimming pools. Someone please explain. haha

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