The Amazing 2D1N Shah Alam Vacation Part 3

The Amazing 2D1N Shah Alam Vacation Part 1 and Part 2

It’s part 3 and I am just about to finish our first day in Shah Alam. Just a heads up, this post is photo heavy. Haha So after lunch, we got ready to go out. Now that we were officially freshen up, photo taking time!

Pardon me as I 'syiok sendiri' for a while

We went out for a 10 minute walk to SACC mall which was opposite the nolow… Quality Hotel. This mall was pretty decent. It has range of all kinds of modern shops and had a Bonia sale in the middle of the mall so Mak scoop up a pair of shoes. We didn’t buy many items there mostly because we were saving up for Pasar Tani.

We went up about 3 levels and left for Komplex PKNS Shah Alam next door. This is mall was completely different from SACC mall. It sells more Malay/Islamic items such as baju kurung, jubbah, telekong, tudung etc. The prices were quite cheap too. One thing we didn’t realize was how huge the mall was. When we thought we had ventured the mall, there was more.

We bought a few more items and ended the day at an open food stall area right outside the mall for dinner. Here's our tired faces when we just went out for 4+hours. Lol Can’t handle the adventure in just 1 day. I guess. Food was surprisingly not nice. =(

Even before we had reached our presidential suite (cheh cheh), I had already planned to take a dip into the Jacuzzi. My feet was aching from walking from wee morning at Shah Alam, walking back and forth countless of times in the suite just to comprehend the room and walking around the mall. I dropped my stuff and got ready for a hot and relaxing dip.

IT.WAS.AMAZING. I had set the temperature hot and started the bubbles. Fwar.. Life was good. Jhon joined a few minutes later and I coerced my mom to dip her feet. She didn't’t bring any swimwear and didn't see the big deal. -_-

When she had dipped her feet, she didn't’t want to move. That was until the kids joined and splashed all over so she had to leave. =( Meanwhile, we played with the naked kids lah. Lol

After an hour or more, we decided to leave and clean up for the day. I really didn't want to leave but it was getting late and we were having and early start. Remember how I mentioned when the room is quiet and we can hear Quran recitations and azan from the Blue Mosque? It was so heavenly to hear it after a tiring day while lying down on an uber comfortable king sized bed. It was like a spiritual lullaby that beats any recording I tend to listen to.

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