When East Meets West: Spagetti Goreng

Might sound like a culinary masterpiece but it is created by pure laziness.

My mom wants to cook Malay-styled Mee Goreng but we don't have the right type of noodles at home. We could blame Chinese New Year for having most shops closed but it would be wrong because there is one minimart a few blocks away that is opened.

Yes, we are simply lazy and the only type of noodles we have is Spagetti.

And that was how Spagetti Goreng was born.

It tastes suprisingly similar to Bolognise only spicier, without the sour tomato flavour and it is delicious!!



  1. that means u soaked it first, then fry it?
    interesting.. never tried like that before.. but it looks like the normal spaghetti tho.. :)

  2. Yup, we boiled the spaghetti as per normal and then cook it for mee goreng.

    And yeah, it those look like normal spaghetti and soaks a lot of the sambal. You should try it one day :)

  3. Hee~! My mom made that too pretty often. Another alternatives. But I must say, I prefer spaghetti over yellow noodles. U?


  4. Hey raf! Nice to see you here. Hehe hmmm I have no preference. I can gobble up anything as long its delicious ;D