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5 July 2017 - 2 August 2017

Impromptu Hari Raya Maternity Photoshoot

As usual, my family and I went jalan raya on the 2nd week of the raya month and that's the day Jhon and I get to dress up real nice. While waiting for my brother, we took photos as per normal. Our couple photos looked so great (in my opinion) that it can pass as a maternity photoshoot but Hari Raya themed. I initially wanted to do a 'proper' maternity photoshoot but after this, no need lah. I am actually quite contented with the photos. 

After majority of my relatives had found out about my pregnancy, I decided to share it to my IG & FB account officially. In IG, I just wrote "Surprise" and in FB, I just put a 3-photo collage with no caption at all. haha I figured let the pictures do the talking and no point being so mushy and wordy about it. 

The Heaviness, Waddling and Water Retention Begins

At the beginning of July, my weight was at about 66.3kg so I have started to feel the heaviness while walking. I generally do not waddle unless I feel uncomfortable or in pain which thankfully not often or prolonged. I am at a stage where I can't sit too long, stand too long or walk too long so I'm often all over the house doing something different in different positions. By the end of the month, I was 70kg.

I did have slight swelling on my feet during my 2nd trimester but it was so little and for a very short time so it wasn't a big deal. But this time around, the swelling does stay quite sometime. I blame myself because on those days, I did not hydrate myself well. I made a conscious effort to drink more (almost felt like torture) and the swelling went away. BUT! after I hit my 35 week mark, the swelling won't go down no matter how much rest or water I take. A'las, I have to accept I have achy and jiggling feet now. 

I had a day when I just couldn't sleep from discomfort and pain. It was rather bad to a point I slept at 5am! After hours of self-pity, I got up, did pre-natal exercises, ate oatmeal and fell asleep almost immediately. I really should've done that earlier! Ever since then, I've made a conscious effort to massage my feet & calves with my favorite ointment (Rainbow Massage Oil) to relax with aromatherapy and at least 5 minutes of stretches/exercises. Of course, it's not a full proof plan because I would still get those occasional sleepless nights due to discomfort.

Mucus & Cramps

A few days after hitting the 34th week, I had some mucus discharge; not a lot to be a mucus plug but enough to say "ew". Now, I am no stranger to discharges because I've always have them but barely ever since I got pregnant. I did have very minor cramps hours later but they are so minuscule that I could just pass it off as nothing.  To be honest, I was a little concern. Although these are not 100% tell-tale signs of labor but it is a sign. I kept praying and telling Little One, that there's still plenty of time to 'bake'; no hurry.

Ever since, I would still get those 'practice contractions' of period cramps on and off. Again, it's still mild but enough to get my attention. I had another discharge days later with cramps. At this point, I am trying to think positive that it's just signs of body and Little One getting ready for an impending labor which was in 5 -/+ weeks time. Of course, the later the better but not so late ah?? For this 8th month pregnancy, I had lost some mucus discharge 3 times.

Packing & Cleaning

Due to my increased tiredness, pain and estimated due date is coming closer, I washed newborn clothes that we had bought over time. We also had hand me downs from now, toddler niece, Nadya Aqilah so in terms of outfits, we are full. Jhon and I pre-signed up for the baby cash gift and CDA account AND the mucus discharge kinda push me to at least 1/2 pack my hospital bag.

Doctor's Appointment

I'm not sure how many pre-natal scans an average woman gets throughout her pregnancy besides the dating scan, NT scan, anatomy scan and growth scan but I was set up for another scan this month. Mostly because the Little One was in breech during the last scan. I was at 29 months that time which was technically too early to call it a breech baby because there's still time and room to move.

I know that there are babies that stay in breech until 37 weeks or even close to delivery date but I won't deny I do get worrisome. But here's the kicker and a little info about me. I was a breech baby and Mak was a breech baby! Yes, breech can be hereditary. For Mak's case, she was actually born feet first while as for me, Mak said she was held in the hospital for 3 days in a breech tilt position.

I've been checking out ways to turn a breech baby but majority of the tilts just made me dizzy. I could only do a open-knee chest position. I also try to recite doa for a breech baby Fizah recommended me. After 2 days, Little One actually turned to transverse and it hurt! The next day, it seems to go back to breech.

On 19th July during the ultrasound, as expected, Little One is still in breech. I was glad I already had a rough research about breech babies with methods and solutions to fix it. So when the doctor mentioned about External Cephalic Version (ECV), I was not so confused about it. I had even mention it to Jhon so he didn't worry too much when the doctor brought it up.

What ECV is while hooked up with heartbeat monitors and constantly checked with an ultrasound, the doctor will externally and manual try to rotate the baby into position. We were given a pamphlet and the first thing I asked was success rate %. It was 50% to 65%. Almost immediately and unanimously, Jhon and I shook our head. It's not worth it but the doctor is giving us time to think about it until the next appointment which is in 2 weeks time.

After 2 Weeks

As expected, after scanning at 36 weeks, Little One is still head up. By then, Jhon and I are already mentally prepared to have a C-section. Lo' and behold! when the doctor wanted to book the operating theater at our preferred date, not only that date is booked, the entire month of August is booked! My EDD is 30th August so how?

We will try again in one's week time. At the most, the doctor said they can put me in as emergency c-section on the date I wanted. Unless Little One decides to come out at her own date and time, that's the current situation.

All these while, I've been going through subsidized consultations which means random doctors but with subsidized bills (I will blog how much I saved by doing so) but want a private ward for delivery. It's going to cost us a lot especially when I am having a c-section but after much deliberation and checking our savings, we are willing to pay for privacy and comfort (Jhon can sleep on the sofa). Since I get to choose a doctor and the fact that I am going to go under major surgery, I've started to research on preferred doctors by other moms too.

At this point, it's literally Allahu Alam which means Allah knows best.
We are putting everything in His hands now.


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