8th Year Anniversary

Today marks the 8th year anniversary of my relationship with Jhon.

Sadly, we didn't get to celebrate 'properly' this year mostly because it's fasting month and we are on restriction mode in terms of lavish dates to save more money.

Anyways, I know I tend to say this every year but I can't believe it's been 8 freaking years!

This is one of our first photo together as a couple 8 years ago.
Jhon looked so young and I looked so 'bacin' lol

I swear, I didn't expect for this relationship to last this long, let alone heading to matrimony. I am very practical and cautious especially in terms of relationship.
Even at the time when Jhon was trying to court me, I was laying all the cards on the table.

I told him I take relationships for the long run, I am a broken girl with many personal issues, my family is messed up, culture differences and of course, religion; will it affect our relationship eventually if we intend to take it to the next step? Yes, I am very open and truthful off the bat when it comes to personal issues. (So I tend to take huge offence if someone states otherwise)

We talked about each topic for days if not weeks and he kept trying to convince me he was the real deal. Hey, I have trust issues, what do you expect? But one night, I was telling him that maybe we can have a good relationship but I don't think we could last long. Until this day, I could never forget it.

With eyes filled with tears of determination, he held my face with both of his hands and said,
"I will prove you wrong. You will see it, just give me a chance and I will prove you wrong"

I was speechless and I gave him a chance.

And mahal ko, if you are reading this, you proved me wrong.
You are more than I could ever asked for. You are not only a wonderful partner but also a wonderful person who is always there within a heartbeat. Thank you for being such a gentleman and patient with me. For the first time in my life, someone proved me wrong and I am glad it was you.
Mahal na mahal kita.

And here's our remake of our first picture together after 8 years.
Besides my natural wavy/curly hair and post lasik surgery & Jhon's longer hair and weight gain, we are olddd.... haha


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