Officially Getting Older?

I know I've just turned 30 last month but age never made me feel old. I've always believed if I am active, be playful and at least manage to catch up with my nephews, I am youthful.

Until last Friday.

I was playing catch with a ball with Syihab. Irfan wanted to play too but Syihab didn't want to share his ball so I had to catch 2 different balls. I was fine until 2 balls were thrown towards me and I missed them. It both rolled between my legs and as I bent over, I felt 2 snaps on my lower back.
I could tell it was 2 veins being twisted and I had difficulty bending over.

This seems to be a boring back pain story but this is the first time I hurt my lower back besides menstrual related back pains. O_O

 I stretched my back every now and again to ease the pain and it worked. After 3 days, I was feeling better but I was caught in a situation when I can't rest properly, the back pain came with a vengeance.

5 days later, pain has subsided but I still need to watch how I move. Urgh! It sucks. I hope my back will heal soon and that I won't have back problems like old people. hur hur hur! It sucks not being able to be energetic.

End of boring story.

Okay, to make it interesting, here's a picture of Syihab mocking Omah with her back pain last year.


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