Flower Dome with the Family

This is basically part 2 of MAS family day. We got complimentary tickets to the Flower Dome so after bro came over, we freshen up ourselves from the heat and headed to the place.

This would be the second time for Jhon and I to the flower dome. [click here for our first visit] I suppose 1 good thing about the flower dome is they change themes although it's not a major one. This time, the theme was War of Roses - The Medieval Times

Photo vomit time!

Shibly and his creepy looking teeth because he is lost a couple of his baby teeth and growing adult ones.

Queen of random awkward poses.

My favorite group shot. Unfortunately, Haziq was blocked. lol

Mom was almost obsessed with the flowers. You would think we had to keep our eyes on the kids worrying they might pick the flowers but nope. It's this Makcik bunga who we had to watch. hehe

Couple shot!

Too bad the background sucks for this one. hmph


Thanks to Kak Yana for asking us out for this outing. In fact, she and bro always ask us out for outings and they belanja most of the time. Thank you very much. It was fun! 


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