Sentosa 2D1N Staycation Part 1

Bro and family has been avid fans of stay cations and this time, they asked mak, Jhon and I to tag along. I couldn't wait because it would my first stay cation. SIL managed to get a great deal at Festive Hotel and we said yes without skipping a beat.

On Friday afternoon, we went to the car park near opposite VIVO for late lunch and 'tao pao' to the hotel. lol Very classy huh? There was quite a crowd. I guess quite a number of people are on their stay cations too especially it's the school holidays.

We had booked 2 separate rooms and bro's room was fun because they had Deluxe Family King that has a loft bed for the kids! Syiok! and yes, I had my fair share of climbing up and down the bed. hehehe

They also had a balcony with a great view of the pool and we spent most of our hotel time at their room. I guess the down side for the kids was there was no bathtub. They are avid fans of bathtubs but who cares when you have a pool just a few floors down?

We settled down, had our lunch and slacked around. Half of us watched a movie while half of us played in the room.If you know me well, you should know which half I belong to. hehhehee

As for the other room, it's a Deluxe room which was pretty decent too. It has more of a greenery view with twin beds and sofa bed. The sofa bed was meant for Jhon but Mak wanted to 'hide' from the direct blast of the aircon and Jhon is too tall for the sofa bed anyways.

About 4-5pm, we headed out to the Merlion. It would be the first for the kids and I think it would be fun for them especially Shibly. Naturally, photo taking time while on the way there.


Luckily, there were not many people so getting in the Merlion was a breeze. They have made several changes in the Merlion such as having a short clip on founding Singapore and Merlion. The lighting was whack for photography so Jhon had to monochrome the photos but it turned out well. =)

Since it was rainy in the morning to noon, we were gifted with a beautiful view on top of the merlion. The clouds also gave us a natural soft box and lighting was perfect for photo taking.

I don't want to over load photos in one post so to be continued in part 2.


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