Sentosa 2D1N Staycation Part 2

If you missed part 1, click here.

After photo taking on top of the merlion, we headed down to the mosaic water walkway which the kids were absolutely crazy about. Pity Kak Yana had to play catch with them because they were over excited to check out the walkway.

We walked down and tried to get an early dinner (because I don't want to buy over priced food at the hotel) We had planned to watch the crane dance near our hotel so as night falls, we headed back.

The plan was already wavering because Syihab wanted milk but parents didn't bring any so we decided to make a quick detour to our room and then back out. I knew if we went to our rooms, confirm we won't leave because I could tell everyone was tired. Jhon was tired but he wanted to see the crane dance and he felt that the night is still early (8+pm). It was nearby anyways.

I was ready to tell everyone to rest while we go but Jhon got his allergic reaction and started to swollen. Bargh! Just my luck. I guess I have to take a rain check. As soon as Jhon got better, Mak was falling asleep. So Jhon and I took up bro's invitation to watch a movie in his room. Kids had K.O.ed lol

Fast forward to the next morning, we brushed our teeth, washed our faces and changed for the swimming pool. It's been a while since Jhon and I went to the swimming pool so we were very happy and excited.

Jhon as per normal, did his standard taking of photos before joining us.

Within 5 minutes of joining us, he managed to hurt himself while swimming with Shibly! He said he had cut himself and left the pool. I thought it was just a small cut so I didn't think much about it. But his face had changed and the vibe was not right.

It turned out to be a bad deep cut and it was profusely bleeding. Note that Jhon is a neat robot with fear of blood. He was in the toilet and instead of tending to his wound, he was busy cleaning the toilet floor which he claimed covered with a lot of blood. Fortunately, a manager entered, saw and administered first aid on him. Haiyah.. so drama.. We didn't know what had cut him and we were too nice to complain or anything although I did joked about it. The wound was still bleeding albeit lesser when the day ends. Poor thing.

Jhon just rested at the cabana while we splashed around, swim and played around.

After a while, we went back to our rooms, get cleaned up, packed and checked out. Of course we were hungry so we ate at Bali-Thai. Food was delicious and seriously man.. RWS and Sentosa should get with the program already and get more Halal food there. Annoying! Every time I go Sentosa, always stress about food. Tak kan McDonalds aje kan?! opps...'ter-rant'

Other than that, it was a great stay cation. hehe I want some more... =p


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