Happy Children's Day!

Belated to be exact.

Shibly and Syihab was encouraged to wear Bollywood clothes for school. They don't have Indian clothes available and buying a set is so unpractical. Luckily, their dad (my bro) have an Indian-Malay friend  who has a son. So apa lagi? Pinjam ah! but it's only for Shibly so Syihab just wore home clothes.

Bro and even Jhon was home so we all went like an entourage to pick the kids up.
Everyone looked so pretty, especially the girls who went all out with the bling-bling.

We went to the small island in front of the block and let the kids play and have a mini photo shoot. It was really fun!

Mini Monkey bars with China maid in the background. haha

 No make up face.


Shibly had the most fun and he even wanted a replay the next day but the day was scorching hot so I made it up by making toilet roll rocket and owl. hehe


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