Hari Raya 2017 (Week 2)

As usual, Mak stayed over for the weekend and basically, we only received 1 pair of guests, Kak Nana and husband for raya on Saturday and that was it. haha

The 'happening' day was on Sunday when we get to jalan raya to the usual suspects' houses. We didn't get to visit Pak Hitam's house this year because he went to Johor on the day we wanted to visit.

While waiting for Abg to pick us up, cue quick hari raya photoshoot! The photos turned out so great (IMO) that I decided not to do a maternity shoot since this is already perfect. Don't mind me as I bombard my photos here.

Our first house was Uncle's house at Woodlands. They had security cameras everywhere ever since arwah Auntie Tipah left and it was funny because we were spied by my cousins who were not there. Abg Atan actually spoke through the camera and Cinda took screenshots of us while we were there. I find it hilarious!

Next house was Abg Awil's parent's house. We didn't really give a heads up but it's like automatic already because their house is at Woodlands too. After this house, kakak didn't follow us and I didn't get to take a group photo my family lah, even with the 4 kids. It was saddening actually. It's really hard for us to get together, you know?

Our 2nd last house was Kak Yana's mother's house and if I wasn't so full, I would have gobbled ridiculous amount of her Bee Hoon Goreng.

Technically, that was it. We didn't go to many houses this year. We did visit Abg's house afterwards but it was not really a raya visit, I think. lol Mak wanted to buy McD supper and we stayed for a while. I told her I don't want to stay long because I am too exhausted and pregnant tired is different from normal tired okay? Plus, it was a Sunday, people got to work!

Well, that didn't happened. We stayed quite late to a point I fell asleep and got sick the next day. haha But all is well.


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