The Amazing 2D1N Shah Alam Vacation Part 6

The Amazing 2D1N Shah Alam Vacation Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

So we were almost reaching the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan but the driver went to the wrong entrance so we had to make a little U-turn. We didn't get mad or anything because he was a talkative, nice guy and we had plenty of time before bus departure which was at 5.30pm.

The real drama started as soon as we were alighting and a midst of paying the driver. Out of sudden, a group of policemen appeared whistling and waving like crazy. Our driver told Bro that if the policemen asked, tell them he was our uncle while pushing away the money instructing my Bro to give him later. The driver in the end got cornered and questioned while we stood at the entrance confused.

Long story short, it turned out he didn't have a licence to taxi people with his minivan. -_- But nope, adventure not officially over yet.

After that, we checked in to get our tickets and had a late lunch at Pak Hailam Kopitiam. I tell ya, sedap lah! I had the Hotplate black pepper chicken rice (Chicken with rice not chicken rice as in nasi ayam k) and it was goooood.

Close to 5.30pm, reached the bus lobby for StarQistina Express and there was confusion. Everyone in the lobby was urged to take a bus whose license plate that was not according to our ticket. We were informed that that was a change of bus. It was no issue except that it was suddenly free seating when we had booked our seats! Of course, the bus was almost full and we barely could sit near each other. Syihab technically had a sit for himself (which was paid for by the way) but to avoid being separated, he sat on Kak Yana’s lap.

While Jhon and Bro tried to keep our bags in the bus storage, no one helped and mind you, there were 3 men manning the bus. Meanwhile, upstairs, Shibly had French fries in the bus. It was a last minute buy and it’s JUST French fries. The driver did warn Kak Yana while going up the bus and Kak Yana acknowledged. Fine, he won’t eat but keep lah since we JUST bought it.

Then while we were having a commotion on the seating arrangement, the driver confronted us AGAIN and this time, he was freaking rude!! He was literally nagging on how his bus is very clean and very proud of it. Bla bla bla.. on and on and I just went sarcastically, OKAY….OKAY!... I was truly pissed but I didn't want to embarrass myself with the passengers. I mean, it’s clear he was the asshole. At this point, Shibly was getting upset for being scolded.

NVM…. Then another asshole came! Telling the same thing! It’s like, we know! We won’t eat but it’s wasteful to throw it. Not only that, the driver came around again so we had 2 guys nagging but as soon as Bro and Jhon appeared behind them, asking what was the problem. Wah… became timid mice. It’s so obvious, sexist bastards too! They probably thought it’s just us ladies with kids, so they think they want to bully us. After all of us had settled, guess what? 1 guy approached Bro politely and quietly saying that they are having a 20 min pit stop just 5 FREAKING MINUTES after the departure and encouraged Shibly to eat the fries.

WTH? It was obviously a personal break and it’s wasting our time. Kak Yana said no and sarcastically said if they were not happy, please take the fries and throw it away. Since Bro was next to her, wah... quietly waved no and walked away. KNS. When we thought it could not get worst, this bus has it’s little stops for other passengers on its own rather than a trip straight to Singapore. This takes plenty of time okay? Then, ¾ of the trip, we were even asked to change bus to the actual bus we were supposed to take in the first place!

We estimated to be at Woodlands checkpoint at most 10pm but do you know what time we reached? Almost 12 midnight! Mind you, we purposely took an earlier departure so we can reach home before 12am because Kak Yana and Jhon has to work the next day. But nope! Oh, and the 2nd bus ride was stinky and the 1st bus was not THAT clean okay. -_-

Nonetheless! Despite the annoying end, we absolutely love the trip. I wish we can go again so I can buy more comfy pajama pants and baju kurung. I doubt we will have the presidential suite upgrade again but we are DEFINITELY not riding with StarQistina lembab sexist tak guna Express.

Can you imagine? We just spent SGD125 for travel and accommodation. Put aside the worst bus ride, it was worth it x5000. Come on, paying MYR390 for a MYR4,000 suite. Need I say more?

This is the most wordy post so I shall add photos that I didn't post because it’s not very flattering in some ways. I put it in GIF so you guess can’t stare in detail okay? Lol

And finally, thanks again to Kak Yana for initiating this trip and thank you fellow readers for following up my long winded Shah Alam stories. I officially end now.

Knocks gavel.


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