Shibly's Graduation

Introducing what may be the most expensive kindergarten graduation ever!

Shibly had finally graduated from Iman Kindergarten and they are having their graduation and performance at Fairmont Hotel Singapore. Tickets were at $78 each regardless if you are a parent or a sibling. Of course we as a family want to attend his graduation  and watch him perform on stage. Especially that Shibly asked if Omah, Mak Su and Uncle Jhon is coming or not. Not only that, Mak wanted Jhon to go for picture taking but man.. that price! Thankfully, it was later sponsored by Mak. =p

The event starts at 11am but children were to be at location at 9am for their last rehearsal. The parents changed Shibly into his Arabian costume, took photos with the groggy boy and we went for a quick breakfast.

Obligatory table photo. Mak, why you always have your eyes closed?

As expected, the event started late because of their rehearsal and having waited other families get themselves settled down. (janji melayu lol) We got seats near the back but it was okay. Jhon rented an awesome tele lens so can zoom nicely.

The theme of the event was Kids of the World where all Imanites dress up in a certain country's traditional outfit and perform. Wahhh.. So cute lah and their outfits were beautiful. To see these kids wriggle and dance was so entertaining!

As expected, for every performance, every parent would rush closer to the stage for a better view. Some were complaining but what do you expect? It's the apple of their eyes performing, of course they want to be up close. Granted, the view was blocked with handphones, cameras and what was worst, ipads. lol

After a few performances, food gradually came in. There were many hit and miss but what do you expect from hotel food eh?

There were many districts but thank God Tenagaville's performance was in the middle of the event so it was not a long wait for our star. When it was announced that they were performing, everyone except for Mak (had to take care of Syihab) zoomed to the stage for a closer look.

Never had we seen Shibly dance with so much gusto and confidence!! All this while, when we watch him perform, he tend to look at his friends and did his dance admittedly not so fantastically but this time, it was perfect.

Look at that serious face.

After his performance, we went back to our table and enjoyed the rest of the event at our table.

Not very long, we found out Tenagaville will be coming out along with other districts for a graduation walk so I checked the lobby and lo and behold! Shibly and his class! lol I scrambled back to our table so everyone can take 1 on 1 photo with him in his graduation suit. Super excited right?

We were so engross with our own photo taking that we forgot to take a photo of his classmates and teachers. Aiyah.. nvmlah.. got the standard class photo already. =p

Soon, it's time for the graduation walk.

There were a few more performances after that and for all we knew, it's the finale! All parents raced to the stage again. lol

Pity Shibly because for a moment, his teacher forgot about him and left him alone on stage lol. But never mind, got his own limelight for that minute.

The event went smoothly and the kids were fantastic and would've been better if there aren't so many charities and a lot of pushing to sign up classes for further education enhancement in between. I really don't mind but they were really pushing it to a point it's annoying.

I like the last part though. I admittedly had rolled my eyes when parents were encouraged to wear school uniforms for a dress up contest but I ended up enjoying their sportiness. I clapped and screamed very loud for the lady in far right. As for the lady next to her, what's her deal with that outfit? lol Doesn't' she know most of the audience is mak cik, pak cik? She had the least applause =p

When it all ended, Shibly was clearly tired but was very happy to see our proud and gleaming faces. We had nothing but praises for him.

1 nephew down, 2 to go.


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