Goodbye 2013

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Commencing end of the year post.

2013 has definitely been interesting. As usual, has it's ups and down but it's a year whereby I had met with 2 crossroads in terms of love life and work life that is life changing which is worth mentioning.

Jhon and I has finally made it official that we will be embarking towards a marriage after 6 years together. Milestones to the destination has been slowly passed and hopefully, we can reach more with good outcome in 2014. This also leads to a new tag in blog "WeddingTalk".

After 7 years working in the construction industry and stress that was affecting my health, I quit and took a long break. It was definitely a leap of faith but it was the best decision I made in my life. I managed to help my mom which decreased her own stress, improved my homemaker skills (lol) and just generally did a lot of 'me' time. But I have to start working again for 2014 just to have some income for future savings. I can take a long break when I get married. InsyaAllah. =D

I definitely hope and pray that 2014 will bring more good news, smooth journey and enlightenment.


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