What's in My Hospital Bag?

Just in case you are new here, I am a Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KKH) Cesarean patient. The reason I want to state this because I do not know what other hospitals do and do not provide and I can only speak for my experience in KKH. On top of that, Jhon and I had chose to be in the A1 ward for comfort and privacy and not sure if there's a difference in what they provide compared to other wards.

The list is created before I was admitted and I will put a side note if it was actually necessary or not after my admission. Hospital stays can be 2 to 3 days depending if it's a vaginal delivery or C-section. I like to pack a little extra in terms of undergarments and/or clothes because I rather over pack with them than not. As for our bags, I just brought my usual old travel Addidas duffel bag and Jhon's backpack. I guess you may bring a mini luggage bag but I find it too much lah. Whatever floats your boat.

Important Documents (In our file)
Important Documents (In our file)
❣ Marriage Certificate
❣ KKH Pink Appointment Booklet
❣ Pre-Natal Receipts (to claim Medisave)
If you are a KKH patient since first appointment, no need to bring as they have their own copies. Everything will auto claimed in your bill)
❣ My NIRC, Jhon's S-Pass & Passport
❣ Pre-Admission Documents
Only applicable to those who pre-register your admission (from >36 weeks pregnant)

For Baby
For Baby Remarks
❣ Going Home Outfit (with cap, mittens and booties) 2x
❣ Swaddle Cloth/ Receiving Blanket x2 You will get 1 in KKH's gift bag unless you want to use your own.
❣ Face Cloth x2 Only used 1 while cup feeding baby
❣ New Born Diapers KKH provides diapers & wet wipes. Feel free to bring home the remaining while checking out.
For Mommy
For Mommy Remarks
❣ Going Home Outfit (an easy slip on loose dress)
❣ Underwear 4x KKH provides disposable undies so I didn't even use mine. Feel free to bring home the remaining while checking out.
❣ Nursing Bra 2x Didn't wear any throughout my stay.
❣ Breast Pads for just in case   Didn't wear any throughout my stay; I had only colostrum.
❣ Socks 2x
(would've brought 1 pair but hear stories of lochia may drip to socks yikes!)
KKH provided compression socks AFTER my C-section surgery
❣ Nipple Cream Used once when nipples started to get sore.
❣ Maternity Pads KKH provides them and again, feel free to bring home the remaining while checking out.
❣ Jacket
❣ Basic Make-up
(BB Cream, concealer, compact powder, eyebrow pencil, blusher, face & lip moisturizer)
Honestly, didn't use it at all even for going home because after the sleepless nights and tiredness, I didn't give a damn. Haha
❣ Hair Accessories (Brush, Hair ties & Hair clips)

For Daddy

For Daddy Remark
❣ Shirts 4x
❣ Undergarments 4x
❣ Jacket
❣ Hair Wax and/or Cap
❣ Socks 4x

Others Remarks
❣ Travel Sized Toiletries
(that we can share like body soap, toothbrush, shampoo, body lotion, etc)
❣ Towel 1x
(we can share)
Only Jhon showered and I used to dry my face after washing. I was in too much pain to get up to shower.
❣ Ointments/ Panadol for (Jhon's) body aches.
(Basically Rainbow massage oil & Yoko-yoko, lol)
❣ Snacks like oatmeal cookies or something and 3in1 coffee packets for Jhon.
❣ Foldable Bag (I don't know, maybe we will bring home extra stuff) Didn't need it because Mak helped bring home some of the excessive stuff whenever she comes visit.
❣ Travel Laundry Bags for dirty clothes

Tech Stuff

Tech Stuff Remarks
❣ Our own handphones & chargers
❣ FujiFilm Camera & charger



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