Old Wives' Tales Gender Predictions

At the point of writing this, we have yet to know the gender of our little one. Although old wives' tales gender predictions are hardly even true, I think it's fun to take for personal entertainment purposes.

There way too many methods of gender predictions from Ramzi's Method (See where placenta's placement is for fetus), belly shape, cravings, mood swings and more.

I just decided to do handful at random just for fun and see how it goes.

According to the tests, I am probably going to get a girl.

And.... obviously this is posted after Little One is born, it is true!
Again, take these tests with a pinch of salt, okay? There are many mothers who have the polar opposites and still got a girl. This is just something fun to do while waiting for the official gender confirmation on your 20 weeks because we all know that we too excited to find out.


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