Hari Raya Guests 2014

We never had many guests except for a few families, mostly on my maternal side. The first wave of family were the lovable Auntie Tipah and family. It was not a complete set but the usual people came. =)

Check out those perfect heatless curls!

Auntie and Uncle had been a health roller coaster ride so we were glad they were doing well. The kids have grown, especially the twins. They were so cute. Despite being identical twins, their personality are not identical at all. The older brother seems to be more shy compared to the younger brother.

10-20 minutes after they left, Pak Hitam and Pak Busu and family came. Macam plan aje...

And that was it. lol. At least for 2 weeks into Hari Raya.

Relax right?


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