Wedding Hurdle 2: Future Home

Actually, the 2nd hurdle comes together with the 1st hurdle so technically, at this point, we have 2 hurdles to jump over. Note that I am writing problems that are not as trivial as choosing a color theme or wedding cards. These issues usually requires plenty of consideration in many aspects.

[Wedding Hurdles: Location]

When it comes to getting a home to start a new family, it comes easy to most than not.
This does not applies to us.

Jhon currently is co-renting a room while I am sharing a room with my mom and there is no available room for Jhon and I to stay in in my place. Our initial problem was getting a temporary home until our new home is ready. Luckily, my bro had offered to let us stay for a year or two until we do. Unfortunately, Jhon's PR application was rejected so we can't buy a house of our own.

The obvious step is rent a home or buy a private condo but it's so ridiculously expensive and not practical in the long run. By the end of the day, we intend to have a place to call our own, you know. We would love to able to save some money with every step but after calculating in just getting a house is a pain especially in our situation. What is new in Singapore right? The government wants us to have more children but then make us struggle to get 1 of the basic necessity of building a family, to able to easily secure a home.

I guess we could still stay at my bro's house but sampai bila? After 2 rejections, you can't blame us for not being optimistic for the 3rd application.

And then I thought of a wonderful idea which I will share in due time. Despite it being the best idea, it still has it's complications and we have yet expedite it.

I don't know lah... There are so many things to think and consider. I just can't wait for the day when it all finally makes sense.

We overcame the hurdle! Click here to read more.


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