Kuala Lumpur 2013 Day 2

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We had discussed about breakfast and what time to start the day but Kakak and Abg’s family are not morning people so they wanted to skip breakfast. As for my group, which includes Mak and Jhon, we tend to wake up early on normal days so of course we will have breakfast. We paid for it didn’t us?

So my room was awake by 7:30am and left for breakfast buffet at 8:15am. I didn’t bother to fully style my hair or put on full make up because it’s not that we will go out soon anyways. The restaurant looked clean and have a wide variety of breakfast; Nasi lemak, roti prata, cereal, toasts and whatever lah. It was delicious and I took 3 servings. Opps! Lol this was also the time we noticed that there are the hotel was Indian dominated.

We took our time eating and by the time we were done, everyone was up and getting ready. I noticed Kakak and family was more or less done so I shooed them away to downstairs as they had 1hr before breakfast ends.

At 10am, we headed out to “Irfan’s” restaurant outside the hotel for Abang and family. Their roti prata was crispy yet fluffy leh.

We got confused with KL’s LRT/Monorail system for awhile we but we managed.

We eventually reached Bukit Bintang and walked to Berjaya Times Square.

We roamed the place as much as we could but spent most of the day at their indoor theme park. It would be my third time there but this time, with my siblings and the kiddos.

After the rides and early dinner, we took a MRT/LRT ride to Masjid India for their night market. It was confusing for a while but we made it safely. =)

Jalan Masjid India has mainly traditional malay outfits and Muslim garments. Mak was like a theme park of her own but she was a bit disappointed because she expected more. That does not mean she didn’t get anything okay? Her bag of shawls was probably 1kg worth!

We eventually went home after clearing the place and everyone was simply exhausted.

It was nice to be back to our hotel but DAMMIT! Something happened to us while in the lift! It was my bro and his family, Jhon and I with a group of Indian men in their 40/50s. Even before reaching the lobby, Kak Yana was way infront with the stroller with the men in between us so when we reached the lift lobby, naturally, we went in with her first.

It was not a big deal anyways because everyone gets to ride the elevator. We pressed level 32 and they pressed 16. For all I knew, the lift stopped at level 11 (swimming pool level) and bro went “EH!! Why you pressed?” I was at the other corner so I didn’t know what was going on but as soon as the men started to alight, I saw the buttons, it was freaking randomly pressed on at least 6 different floors!!! WTH!! The culprit went “oh no no!” Whatever you piece of dung! Who else could have pressed it when Jhon was near the other set of buttons?

What a way to end the night! We tried to let it go but come on… -_- Seriously?

After all that hoo-hah, we cleaned up and packed up for our early morning flight. I felt guilty because it was because of our religious classes on Saturday afternoon that we had to leave early but that’s the best we can do.

It was a very short trip with some bad moments but it was fun nonetheless


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