Breaking My Head About Berkat

My mind is officially broken when it comes to berkat (wedding favors).

I had already blogged about potential berkat ideas here. Since then, the amount of people that will be invited to our wedding was from 300 pax to 500 pax and an official budget list had been written up.

At first, I was pretty sure I wanted giveaway jars of honey. I see it as practical. Guests can use it with tea, desserts and even hair remedies (which I usually use it for). If there are left overs, more honey hair treatment or me!

Alas' the berkat is not for the budget conscious. 

Hexagonal 45ml Jar (as shown in picture)
$2.00 each for 200 - 499pcs
$1.90 each for 500 - 999pcs 
$1.80 for more than 1000pcs 

Round 45ml Jar
$1.90 each for 200 - 499pcs
$1.80 each for 500 - 999pcs 
$1.70 for more than 1000pcs

BFG can't gave me a price because they said need to check price for cloth and tags. 
?_? But empty bottles with cloth and tags are about $1.20 for 500 pax. So you can roughly gauge lah, if add honey.

And then, I decided to heck care and just give salted eggs or boiled eggs in a box. 
It's definitely cheaper. Salted eggs are usually $2 for 5 eggs and 1 box costs about 50cents. So roughly, 1 berkat is about 90 cents each. Cheap cheap! 

"Vintage" Floral favor box - Order Code (FB-003)
$0.65 each for 200pcs - 499pcs
$0.55 each for 500pcs - 999pcs
$0.50 each for more than 1000pcs

[Berkat Favors Goodies SG]

BFG quoted me saying different boxes has different price which is understandable but they said it's $1.50 and below. That's quite a high maximum price for boxes. Anyways, they said additional 10 cents for eggs.

Then I was thinking, haiyah, Even though it comes for a somewhat traditional practice, it's still weird to give eggs/ salted eggs as berkat. I really have to not care to give. =P Then somehow, my mind lingered to getting customized sweets by Sticky.

I knew deep inside, it would would cost as much as a honey jar but I find it nice and I inquired for fun. They even gave a proposal design lah. It was really tempting.

For 500, 30g bottles: (15kg x $42) x ($1 x 500 bottles) = $1,130
For 500 plastic bags:   (15kg x $42) x ($0.50 x 500 packets) = $880
Not inclusive of delivery and GST. Plus, bags required stickers to decorate.

Basically, it was about $1.76 per berkat and it's just in a tag-less plastic packaging. Urgh! It's just too indulgent when I can save more than $300 on other things. BARGH!

It's like nowadays, you have to pay so much more for a decent berkat. It's extra hard when you are asking for berkat that is less than 1000 pieces. At this point, I am a little frustrated lah but will use the energy for my pursuit of a nice $1 berkat. Maybe tengok Bimla (ada lagi tak? lol) ke, go Johor ke, look for those glass plates. Seriously, when I was a kid, I remember following my mom and aunties shopping for pretty plates and bowls for dirt cheap man.

Although I am half-hearted to give away eggs, I have this feeling I just have to deal with it because of budget. You see, from the gecko, I made myself decide what vendors I am willing to go slightly over budget and vendors I am willing to sacrifice for budget. But I degil! Die-die nak 'nice' berkat. Maybe still early to the wedding, so I am being choosy. Maybe 6 months down the road, I am willing to 'settle'.


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